Amazon Echo is a smart speaker that responds to your voice commands and helps you in various tasks along with controlling and managing your smart home devices. There are many commands that you should try on Alexa to get most out of your Amazon Echo. Let’s check what are these commands and how they are helpful to you.

amazon echo supportAmazon Echo Setup is the smart speaker that cones with the ability to understand and respond to the voice commands. This is the big ability of a smart speaker to speak and get the something interesting in response. The platform of Alexa is full of features and skills, that are just waiting for you to enable and test. But the list of these skills is very long and people don’t afford to pay so much of the attention. For making Alexa to work you need to give it command and it responds to that command.

So, we also have some of the interesting commands for Alexa that you should try and for it you can also take Amazon Echo Help :

Control Time

Alarms are the big part of how you are using your Amazon Echo. You can set alarms and quick timers for anything. You just need to say Alexa, set an alarm for 5am. Or Alexa, set a timer for 45 minutes. The timer on Alexa can be a time saver as long as you are within the earshot of the speaker.

Buy Stuff

You order just anything available on Amazon with Amazon Echo and sometimes you will be amazon echo supportsee that there are sales that are only available online by ordering through your Amazon Echo. The best part is that Alexa always go through your previous order history and when you ask it Alexa, buy me more toilet paper, it will also confirm with you that you want more of the same brad that you bought last time. You can also use your Echo to track your present orders, so that you can know when you will receive your order.

Drinks On Me

Surprisingly amazon and Alcohol go well together. Wine drinkers can call My Somm skill of Alexa and say Alexa, ask Wine Gal to recommend a wine for tacos and you can get some thoughts what you should buy. If you are not into wine, you can use The Bartender and ask, Alexa, ask the bartender, what’s in a Moscow Mule and get everything in return that you need.

Kitchen Control

amazon echo support helpYour Amazon Echo is a perfect kitchen companion. It can give answers to any of your question related to measurement of any ingredient. If you are not sure what you should make, then you can ask Trending Recipes for the best new things.

Rules Czar

Family Board Game Night is a lot of fun till the time you are playing the family version of Monopoly with no paper rules and everyone has a different idea of how the things should work. You can take the help of Boar Game Answers.

Find My Phone

You misplace your phone frequently. Here Alexa can be helpful. You can use Where’s My Phone and ask Alexa, ask Where’s my phone to find my phone. Within seconds it will start ringing and you can easily find your phone.

Shut Up

Sometimes you really want your Echo to be silent for some time. If music is playing or any lengthy explanation is going that you don’t want to listen you just need to say, Alexa, shut up and you will get some silence in your room. If you want just a little bit background noise, then you need to say, Alexa, volume one and you can get back to your work again. For more information, you can visit www Amazon Com Echosetup.