EPUB format is an open source format for all the E-books available on the internet. The main advantage of this format is that you can easily transfer any e-book between the different devices. This not only eases the users but the companies too. The adverse thing for Amazon Kindle is that their device does not support this format. The EPUB files can’t be read directly on the Kindle. You need to take Kindle Help from the website for this.

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This may seems disappointing for Kindle users but there might be some reason by the Amazon for not supporting such format. There is option for Kindle users to read such format books through different path so there is no need to feel disappoint for that. The E-book management and conversion tool is dedicated for these formats that allows user to convert any format into readable format. If you don’t know about this tool properly then no need to worry now. We are going to put light on this tool in this blog post and try to make you understand that how can you use it.

Most of the users of e-reader purchase Amazon Kindle because of user-friendly operation and bundle of features built-in. I know that someone would have definitely told you about its incapability to open the open source book format and you also take this into consideration. But here I want to tell you the exact picture behind it. There’s nothing to worry in this regard as there are plenty of tools available on the internet like calibre that allows you to read the EPUB file format books on the Kindle. This tool simply converts the EPUB files into the Mobi file format that can be easily read on Kindle device. More help you can take from www Kindle com support. Here we are going to explain the steps for using this tool. Read them carefully without any hasty.


  1. The very first step is to find calibre tool on the internet and get it downloaded in the Kindle. Install it and then go to Kindle customer service option from the official website.
  2. After installation, run and launch it for the first time and read the instructions and manuals. You will be asked to select the language and enter the folder details from where you need to fetch the files.
  3. Click on ‘add books’. This option is available on the home screen. Add those books which are in EPUB file format so that it will get converted.
  4. After the books has been successfully added click on convert option. This will convert the E-book into Mobi file format. You can easily read this format on Kindle e-reader. If you are not clear with the available format in your Kindle then take Amazon Kindle support from the internet.
  5. The process for Kindle Fire series model is also same. Just stay in touch with Kindle Fire support experts in case of any problem or help
  6. The calibre tool will automatically select the format for conversion on the basis of your E-reader selection that you have selected earlier during the setup. If you have selected the Kindle then calibre will automatically give output in form of Mobi format. Just press at the bottom right and the result will be displayed in front of your Kindle screen.
  7. Once the files have been converted successfully just share these with your device through any available method.

If you notice any malfunctioning in Kindle after installation of such tool then you just go to the Kindle com support and take assistance from there.

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There are number of books that Kindle support on Kindle e-library. If you still find any problem in searching it then take help from the colleagues, friend and the last option but not the least is Kindle official website itself. Everything will be shared and discussed with you properly on this platform.