Amazon lets you read the unlimited treasure of its books. But it has its premium subscription service for reading books also, which is Amazon Prime reading. Let’s check out more about this.

kindle supportAnother incentive for all the e-books lovers is Amazon Prime Reading, which is also a way to sign up for the premium subscription service of Amazon. This service serves up the free reading materials like books, comics, and magazines.

The current membership of Amazon Prime is at 79 pounds for the whole year and it is becoming a better value for all the times. The membership fees include free either next day or the same day delivery on many shopping items. You are get the access to the Prime Video that will give you the access of the exclusive shows like American Gods. You will also get the access to Amazon prime music so that the viewers can rock on the millions of on demand songs.

Amazon Prime Reading

Amazon Prime Reading is the tendering of free reading materials that can be enjoyed by the amazon kindlePrime members. The reading material includes books, comics, magazines, and short stories along with the Lending Library titles of Kindle First and kindle Owners. This catalog can be access through your Kindle and Kindle app for phones, tablets, and PCs.

While Reading the users will be able to use the features of Amazon Kindle like X-Ray page flip and popular highlights. You will also get the access to the customer reviews, so won’t read any stinkers accidently. For more information, you can take Amazon Kindle Support.

What can I read on Amazon Prime Reading

You will get more than 1000 books for reading on the rotating basis. This will include The Bourne Enigma, Choose Yourself, The Angels of Lovely Lane, Stranger Child and much more. kindle com supportA fascinating selection of magazines is also available for reading which includes actual titles and issues switching as and when they are released. Right now, the titles include Glamour, The Week, Chat, Yours, Red, BBC Gardeners’ World, Psychologies and Stuff. So, there is definitely something for everyone. Kindle Singles and Singles classics are the short stories that Prime members get for enjoyment. These include short stories, essays, and memoirs from the top writers. There is a huge choice of great stuff for reading. The better thing is that the material for the Prime reading is rotated on the regular basis. This will also keep your Prime subscription reading stuff updated.

How do I use Amazon Prime Reading?

Using Amazon Prime reading is very easy. If you are on the Prime, then you can Amazon Prime Reading on your Kindle device. If you don’t have a Kindle, then you can download Kindle app on the device that you are using. You can easily download the Kindle app on iOS, Android phones or tablets via App store. Amazon Kindle Fire tablets come with the preloaded Kindle app. You can always go for the 30 days free trial of the Amazon Prime reading. In the case of any query, you can navigate to www Kindle com Support.