Amazon Fire TV lets you stream your preferred content at your favorite time and on the big screen. But there are many apps that work well with Fire TV and you need to install them. Let’s check out the steps to install the apps on Amazon Fire TV.

With Amazon Fire TV, you can cast the content of your choice on the big screen i.e. on your TV. You just need a network connection with it and you can stream whatever you want to stream. There are many apps that can be used with Fire TV and they enhance your experience with Fire TV. The installation of apps on Fire TV or Fire TV stick is quite easy.

Here’s the steps that you need to follow to install the apps on Fire TV or you can also take Amazon Fire TV Support :

fire tv support

Update To The Latest Software

The Fire TV setup is very easy. You just need to plug it into a spare HDMI port of your TV, then attach the power cable, and after that follow the on-screen instructions.

Amazon Fire TV will not be of much use if don’t enter your Amazon details like email and password and this will also be needed for installing the apps on Fire TV.

Here we are using Fire TV Stick with the latest software 5.0.5, so if your interface doesn’t have much options to use, then it means you need an update. You can update your software by going on settings > System > About. You can also take Fire Stick Support for any kind of query or information.

Browse Apps

When you are ready with the latest software, then scroll the main menu with the help of amazon fire tvremote and select the option of Apps. With the other app stores, there are many categories, so you need to scroll through them so that you can find what you are looking for. Most of the needed apps will be under the category of Top Free apps which includes iPlayer, All4, ITV hub, Netflix, and much more.

There are games also to download plus many other apps and they are mixture of free and paid apps. If you have linked any payment method with your Amazon account, then this account will be debited, if you buy any paid app. Fire TV Support can be taken in case of any difficulty.

See The Details Of App

If you are not sure about any app whether you need it or not, then you can press the circular button in the center of the direction buttons so that you can see the description of the app.

Install Apps

After selecting app either select or press the down button to highlight the button of Get and Fire TVpress the button at the middle for selecting it and installation will start.

When a file will be downloaded, it will automatically be installed. Then the button will change to Open when the file is ready.

There may be the apps that require you to enter your username and password for using them, while others just offer it as an option. When you will log in you will see your favorites and you will be able to resume your videos from where you have left them.

That’s it.  This was the simple and easy process of installing apps on Fire TV.  For any kind of guidance, you can take Fire Stick Help.