Your Alexa is now ready to clean your house with neato. The robot vacuum cleaner is enabled with alexa to clean up your home stuff with your command via alexa. 

How life is going with your smart digtal voice assistant? I can feel the vibe of satisfaction coming from all you guys. There is no doubt that the e-commerce giant has led the market with its best competitive skills in different sections of the market. Whether you take Amazon echo/Amazon echo dot/ Amazon kindle or Amazon Echo Tap in its list, the mammoth retailer has sets its standard giant among echo helpcompetitors like Apple and Google. The diverse list of these kind of devices has lay down the extensive services in a better way. Every service has some kind of problems that need to sort out in the best possible manner.  With Amazon Echo, if you are facing any technical barrier, then go to Amazon Echo Help to get required assistance. As you guys are aware that innovation is the permanent key to refresh the features of the product in an efficient manner. The giant retailer has done exactly with your digital voice assistant, by enabling it with the robot vacuum cleaner (neato). Isn’t it is amazing to slump on the couch and giving command to kick start the vacuuming process? Yeah! It is possible with your smart speaker. With one command to alexa, you can kick start the cleaning of your house. This update will provide you the convenient way to clean your house without touching any other equipment for the cleaning purpose. Be thankful to the new partnership of amazon alexa and Neato Botvac Connected of $699. This new neato’s alexa skill is now in the market to change the outlook of your house.

Neato Botvac belongs to the robotic industry. The company is always engaged in the robotic ventures, to make things way easy for all the people out there. The amazon echoneato robot is a talented vacuum cleaner, which works in a distinctive manner. Right from mapping the room with SLAM algorithm, the robotic cleaner is capable of mapping the room, when its cleaned after completing the whole task. With the command via alexa, the robot will start travelling in the straight line patterns which are partially overlapped. The movement in the straight line by the robot is actually done with the help of the laser range finder, which scan the room on 360 degree circle. This is the way the noatic robot will work in your smart home with the smart digital voice assistant (Alexa). Even, your digital voice assistant can use different voice commands by you in order to pause your neato botvac during the cleaning of your home stuff and can resume also its task when you are ready.

This partnership between Amazon Alexa and neato is unfortunately doesn’t go beyond the basic functions to stop, pause, start and resume the cleaning process. You will not get the answer of some of the questions, like ‘Alexa, when the neato would be available for the next scheduled cleaning.’?amazon echo support You can’t even create a different schedule in your calendar, but, quite easy to create in the neato mobile app. Both the companies have planned to give you the best Friday deal. The deal would include the free offering of $50 echo dot, if you go for neato Botvac connected of $699. There might be some compatibility you can see with neato’s other app and internet connected robot vacuums, D5 connected and D3 connected. So, this black Friday could be the best deal you can hunt for, to make your house look cleaner and dust free.