The dynamic smart voice weapon has reached Britain. And the first 10 things you should check out with your echo would be the first step to embrace your echo.


The e-commerce mammoth has already connected millions of potential users in its chain in a superlative way. With high-innovative skills it has led the market with its best competitive skills to compete in different categories of the market. The category which includes Amazon echo, Amazon Echo dot, Amazon alexa and Amazon Echo tap in its list, has set the mark to being competitive with giant competitors like Google and Apple. Besides this, there are many technical and setup issues that hinders the path of using the echo with its digital voice assistant in an efficient manner. But you don’t need to hectic your mind, as you can navigate your problems to echosetup or Amazon Echo Help to get the required assistance from experts. Well, the kind of buzz created by the smart device in the home market has now headed towards the U.K market to add some fellows, goodwill and market share to be a key player in the British market. It’s not easy to be competitive in a fresh market, as you have to deal with the existing players in the market. However, before being competitive with the old players, there are lots of things you can count with your echo to grab maximum advantage. And that’s why we are here to make you do these 6 things with your smart partner.

echo help

  1. Ready To Give Commands – You have to learn some basic commands to deal with your echo like a professor. If you want any ongoing activity to stop or start, just command “Alexa: Stop”, automatically any ongoing activity would be cancelled; vice-versa in the case to start (“Alexa: Start”). Others simple activities like to play music, stop music and start/stop Tv etc can be done in a commanding manner, not like your routine conversation style.
  2. Change The Default Wake Word Name – No one get use to any device instantly, especially when you have repeat the same wake up name to give commands. However, you can overcome from this problem by navigating yourself to Alexa app-settings- click over tap and echo- and change the wake word with three choices – “Echo”, “Alexa” and “Amazon”.
  3. Improve Your Calendar – One of the important thing to do with your echo is to set up all the important dates, events, meetings and appointments which are lined up in the upcoming week or month. To set up the dates, first get connected to your Google calendar, drive to alexa app, then click calendar- Google calendar- simply link your google account to set important dates and reminders. echo help
  4. Make Your Home A Smart Home – Isn’t is it amazing to make things way easier to unleash the smart side of your house? You don’t need to do hard work with alexa, because she is there to do hard work with smart ability. Navigate to alexa app- skills- categories- “Smart home” and then find your home. Now just command your alexa to “discover devices” and performs the required activities.
  5. Want A Story Teller – Are you ready to hear the audible version of all your favorite books in your library? Probably, nobody sitting out there would say no to witness this amazing experience.  Just command “Alexa, play 2 states”, would definitely do the trick for you assuming that the book is present in your library. You can easily stop/pause in the middle of any chapter.
  6. Stay Fit With Alexa – Don’t you want to stay fit and healthy? Absolutely, you want to take out some time to shape up your body, but don’t get enough time. But with alexa “7 minute workout” feature, you can manage your health and wealth easily. In a short program of timed exercises, which includes press-ups, wall sits and jumping jacks. And, if you want any video assistance, navigate to Alexa app to have a graphical tutorial.