Besides rendering the ultimate bunch of entertaining content, the mighty fire tv is also quite useful to use a game controller for playing amazing list of games. Even all kindle fire users can also head to Connect Kindle Fire To TV to link their fire tablet with the fire tv.

fire tvHow are you doing with your fine fire tv? Besides your kindle fire, if you are one of the prime holders of Amazon fire tv, then you must be having the classic streaming experience. The amazing tv has been rendering its fascinating features and astonishing services, which is actually the sole reason for grabbing the eyeballs of many potential users across the globe. There are also many users who have got the smaller version of tv, i.e., fire stick. While using your fire stick, if you get any kind of bug, then simply go to the Fire Stick Help to get the quick solutions and guidance.

With the moving time, the product of mighty Amazon fire tv has actually undergone with many add-ons of features and services in its wings. Having the bunch of fine apps, games, channels and eBooks, fire tv has also proved to be the perfect entertaining partner for all the amazon fire tv supportusers. Eventually, the smart fire tv has now started to extend its services to many appliances and apps, including the recent Starz App in the list. Well, using such kind of extensive bulk of all the things, there are some instances when Fire TV Not Working in a proper way. All you need to do is to counter the type of problem like having a blank screen, problems with some specific applications, or audio and display issues and then reach out to the Amazon team to get the fine solutions.

Are you a crazy gamer? Well, most of us always love to play the bunch of games when got some extra time. And when you have the fire tv on your side, then all you need is a perfect game controller. As the fire tv is quite cool in providing support for multiple game controllers or multiple remotes.

So, if you are willing to connect your game controller with the new fire tv, then just follow the various steps :

  1. amazon fire tv helpFirst of all, you will need to have a fine game controller which is compatible with the fire tv. You can also purchase a fine controller from the official Amazon website. Though various Bluetooth game controllers also work quite fine.
  2. Secondly, you need to boot the fire tv till its home screen get appeared. From there, just need to go to the Settings menu and then choose “Controllers”. Apart from this, if got any query with your tiny stick, then head to Fire Stick Support to get the fine assistance and solutions.
  3. After reaching to the controller’s menu, you need to search and select “Bluetooth Gamepads”. You will get another pop-up of sub menu asking the point at which you are willing to search and choose the option to allow you to simply “Add Bluetooth Gamepads”.
  4. The amazon fire tv will automatically start searching down the wireless remote signals. To fire stick helpsimply pair the fire tv to your controller, just press and hold the home button on your controller for some more seconds. When you get the controller in the devices list, simply choose it to finish the pairing process. The selection that you will make should be done with the remote that you will get with the fire tv.

In the of any tech bug, just navigate to Amazon Fire TV Support to get the expert guidance and solutions.