Being a user of Amazon Fire TV if you’re struggling with these general issues then you need to follow these simple troubleshooting steps.

Fire TVAs we all are aware of Amazon Fire TV, being a user of this superlative device if you find any difficulty such as some error or Fire TV Not Working then you can get in touch with professionals. Here we have some general issues, if you’re one of them those who’re struggling with these issues then we have simple troubleshooting as well for you. Check these steps out.

Blank Screen?

If you’re seeing a blank or black screen, here are some things to try :

  1. First you need to make sure that your TV is powered off plus HDMI is connected very well.
  2. HDMI CableYou need to break the connection between your TV and Amazon Fire TV by unplugging the HDMI wire and connect it again.
  3. Now you need to break the connection of all device those are linked to your HDMI ports of your television.
  4. Try to touch the resolution, if it’s 1080p then make it 720p. Now just pick up your Amazon Fire TV remote and make a press on buttons of UP and Rewind for approx. 5 seconds. Then you’ll be able to see the cycle via present output resolutions. 10 seconds stop at each resolution.
  5. The receiver should be powered on if your Fire TV is linked to AV receiver.

Unable To Buy Content

If you’re one of them those who are facing an obstacle in buying content then you need to check these facile steps:

You have to make sure the connection between your device and internet should be activated. As we know the internet plays an important role if you’re buying something online. You can check this by stepping ahead to Settings, System, Network. Rest you can take Amazon Fire TV Support as well by getting in touch with professionals.

1.    The procedure of 1-Click should be in the proper way. If you don’t know about this method then you can ask professionals.

App Issue

You can try these steps you are facing trouble regarding installing or downloading a particular app.

Amazon Fire TV1.   Navigate to your Home screen and do the selection wisely, simply you need to choose these options, Settings, Applications, Manage All Installed Applications.

2.    Now select that app which giving you the trouble:

  • You need efface all cache and data, this may fix your specific technical issue and if you clear your data it doesn’t put any effect on your app but you may lose saved information.
  • You need to bring some in app’s selected settings.
  • This one is only for Amazon Fire TV users, you need to keep the app between the internal and external.
  • You need to stop the app and uninstall it.

Display Issue

Your Fire TV may in the need of enhancement, so take a glimpse at the resolution of video or configuration.

Now you need to step ahead to your TV Menu, Settings, Display & Sounds, Display. Now accordingly choose the option regarding video resolution mode.

Note: If you see no positive result then may be the issue is in your television system or hardware in such case you need to get in touch with the manufacturer. Here’s the option of Calibrate Display, Setting, Display & Sounds, Display, Calibrate Display. For more information, you can take Fire Tv Support by getting in touch with professionals.

Audio Issues

fire tv helpIf you’re one of them those who find that there’s no audio in the video then you need to check these steps:

  1. Often it happens that that by fault TV volume changes to mute.
  2. The receiver shouldn’t be powered off if you Amazon Fire TV is linked it.
  3. Follow these options, Settings, Display & Sound, Dolby Digital Output, and check that Dolby Digital Plus shouldn’t be off.

Now break the connection between your device and television by unplugging the HDMI cable and connect it again or you can try some different cable.