Amazon Fire TV SupportFire TV by Amazon is in its second version. This time, it has more RAM, more inbuilt storage and can be upgraded to 200GB. All of this along with 4K HDR capabilities makes fire TV a good prospect to buy. It is backed by Amazon and the same leading Kindle Fire Support, hence it is also safe and smooth experience to have this device since it means that you will get world class tech support. Here we will discuss the reasons for the error code 5055 on amazon fire TV.

About The Error Code 5055

The error code 5055 is one of the most common error codes which have been seen by users. Some of it has also seen this error with a similar code 1055. Both of these fall in the same category. Fire TV Support does not provide much information about this error code when it is seen on the screen. As it is adamant, this error code has created a lot of issues for many users. Here in this article, we will try to understand what this code is and how we can come up with it for the long term.

Fire TV HelpAmazon Fire TV is backed by amazon prime services, which, if users want can use as per their requirements. Not to forget, users can also see their cable shows by simply subscribing to direct TV on Amazon Fire TV which makes it a fully homely device. It runs on Fire OS and has a lot of upsides when it comes to all the necessary features of the device. It also supports Alexa and has a lot of skills too such as ordering a pizza. It also has Fire stick support in terms of sync of content viewed on both devices if common amazon account is being used.

How To Solve The Error Code 5055?

Amazon has done wonders in integrating home environment alongside amazon Alexa and echo. Most of the times all of this work but this is one of the issues which occur when country settings are messed with. So, users must check if the country settings have been changed or not. If yes, change them back to the home country and the error code must go away. This error code can also happen if users use VPN as per Amazon Fire TV Support. Hence, remove any VPN and then try.

Fire TVIf the error code still persists, Connect Kindle Fire To Tv and then check the network status. Most of the times when the network is down, this issue comes up. Try connecting any new device with the home network. Check if the internet is working. Then check if Amazon streaming services are working. Try changing the device’s internet connectivity to some other network. Most of the time it works like a charm. However, it is highly recommended to not connect amazon fire TV to an unknown network. Connect it to some other known network only. If the issue still persists and Fire TV Not Working, move on to the next step.

The issue also occurred with amazon fire stick and that solution can be replicated here too. Check the settings of the device and clear the amazon prime video app data as per Fire stick help. To clear the app data, go into settings and then click on installed apps. There, you can find the app by the name of the prime video. Just click on it, and then click on clear cache and data on the popup. A prompt will occur and just click yes on it. If the issue still persists, call the Amazon customer service repair immediately.


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