Amazon Echo allows its users to purchase things online. All this is possible due to the presence of Alexa app within it. So today we will learn the requirements to be eligible to make online purchases using Alexa.

One can place orders from their Amazon Echo device using its Alexa app. Alexa allows users to place orders only for the physically available products and songs that are Prime-eligible. As whenever a user asks Alexa to buy something, then it looks for that item among the Prime-eligible products that belong to the user’s order history, Amazon preferred products with high ratings and better price range. If the searched product is present, then Alexa announces the product name, price and the expected delivery time in case it is more than the standard delivery time of 2 days. Rest of the product information is present with the Alexa application. Alexa now asks permission from users to place the order or cancel the order.

In case the Alexa is not able to place an order, then it might give you any of the following options :

  • Add to cart on Amazon.
  • Look for more options in Alexa app.
  • Add the product to Alexa shopping list.

Once you have placed the order, you can ask Alexa to cancel that order even just after you have ordered it. Alexa uses the one click payment as the default payment mode for making payments for purchased articles.

You need to fulfill the following conditions to buy songs from the digital music library and other physical products from Amazon :

  1. You need to be a member of Amazon Prime with an annual or a month free trial.
  2. A payment option authenticated by a U.S bank along with a U.S billing address for 1-click payment settings of Amazon Echo Setup.
  3. A U.S Amazon account along with an Amazon Echo device.

Prime members can access to Prime music without paying any additional charges. There is a wide variety of things you can buy from Prime-eligible products. For example jewelry, clothes, shoes, sandals, watches, etc.

One can purchase products available on Amazon under the Prime now catalog, as it contains thousands of everyday household items and other essential products with maximum two-hour same day delivery options. To place the order from Prime Now user needs to speak, “Order [name of the product] from Prime Now. In case the searched product is found the Alexa will announce its name and the expected delivery time. Once you confirm the order, it will ship the product to the address stored for one-click payment method. To track the placed order, one should visit You can even add a tip and get more information about Prime now from the mentioned web address.

Also, remember you can’t use promotional credits, and Amazon gift cards for purchasing things from Prime now. Alexa can be used to re-order meals that were earlier purchased from Amazon stores. To place an order, one should enable Amazon restaurants.

So these were few essentials one should know for making purchases using Amazon Echo device. Also feel free to get Amazon Echo Help to solve any Amazon Echo issues you encounter while using it.