Amazon Kindle always comes up with deals so that no reader should left without their favorite kindle. This month also Amazon has many deals on their entire popular line up of Kindle e-readers and Kindle bundles. Let’s check them out in the article.

Amazon Kindle deals are very interesting, affordable and wonderful that no resist without having them. In these deals, you will get your favorite e-readers and Kindle bundles in an affordable price. If you are planning to change your old e-reader or want to buy a new one, then this is the good time and chance to have it.

Although you can check out the deals at Amazon site, but we have also come with the list of deals currently going on Kindle lineup :

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The new Kindle Oasis is out now and it will cost you $290 for the basic wi-fi version. This is the lot more money for an e-reader. But the dedicated e-reader fans will appreciate the extra lightness and improved screen lighting.

The 6th generation Kindle Paperwhite is the best standout kindle yet. This is the most cost effective e-reader available in the market. This model comes with screen lighting. Amazon has managed to create a fast e-ink tablet with inventive reading apps. You can look up words in the dictionary without leaving that page or flick through any relevant Wikipedia entries for most words or terms.

kindleThe All new Kindle is the updated version of the entry level kindle that was released in 2014.If you want the cheapest option, then this is the best e-reader for you. The price of this model starts from $80. This model is available in black and white colors both. This is the thinner, lighter, double the storage and double RAM in comparison to the basic model of 2014. One thing is lacking here which is lit screen.

The Kindle Voyage used to be the most expensive kindle around before the Oasis arrived. This is one of the best e-reader available. It is more compact than other kindle models and the screen is sharper as compared to the cheaper models. A flush display makes easy to keep the device clean and carry around. The resolution of the screen is very high as compared to other models.

One of the enticing tablet that Amazon introduced was Fire HD 6 with mixing efficient integration with the Prime services and a compact footprint that makes it easy to drop in your bag.

kindle com support helpFire HD 7 is the same as Fire HD 6 and it sits in your budget as well. This tablet is perfect in terms of content delivery system. If you are ready to pay a subscription then there is no end for the content. It has the feature of having different profile through Amazon Free time is also very helpful.

At the low price the Fire HD 8 is the one of the best tablets around. It comes with the improved tech inside along with more storage capacity. It has 50% more RAM and 1.3GHz processor.

If you are not the fan of the cheap Amazon tablets, Fire HD 10 is for you. It comes with the premium aluminum body. 1.5GHz processor makes it the fastest ever Amazon tablets and it comes with HD screen.

Amazon Fire Kids edition comes with aa enhanced durability along with two year guarantee which covers the tablet even if kids break it no questions will be asked. There are plenty of safe guards and software so that they must watch only appropriate content.