Noticed the features and qualities of your kindle oasis! Probably missed out to deal with these 5 common problems.

amazon kindle supportKindle has clinched the market on a different level that has added extravaganza e-readers in its feather. Well, there is lot more to discuss about this device when it comes to embrace the qualities and features of this astonishing device in order to experience the most happening services. As, you all are aware the e-commerce mammoth has led the market with qualitative kindle category which includes Kindle fire, kindle voyage, kindle oasis and kindle paperwhite. But, particularly today we are focusing on kindle oasis, as all of you might be aware about the features and qualities of your kindle oasis version. But every quality comes at a cost, and you have to pay for it in terms of getting the desired service. This is the reason we come up with 5 common problems that you might face up in future with your Kindle oasis, so why not to act now? Let’s crack the unwanted 5 problems which you don’t want to face. Besides these problems, for any technical assistance you can setup your problems with Kindle Support.

  1. More Leak Light With Oasis– The eye catching problem in the list of 5 major problems is the light leak problem, which is quite common in other current generations of kindle too. Well, with kindle oasis, the problem is more serious because of the extra in built lights than other kindles. This is the prime reason the problem is getting more serious. According to amazon “60% more LEDs makes it brighter and consistent”, but with a 60% light leakage.
  2. Lack Of Balanced Light– How you guys going to deal with the unbalanced proportion of light with extra light on one page and low on the other? This would be the irritating reason you don’t want to face, but have to. The unbalanced proportion of light which is sometimes yellow and white would make it difficult to read in a proper manner. And I personally don’t need to tell you, how a brighter site and a dull site would put an adverse effect on your health, especially eyes. Besides that, it has been encountered that kindle oasis and kindle voyage is getting serious with this problem, except Kindle paperwhite.
  3. Battery Age– Amazon claimed earlier that the battery age of oasis is “dual-battery charging system” which render you the service of months of battery life without interrupting your e-reading experience. Before concluding we compare the battery size of each kindle generation respectively-

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  • Kindle: 890 mAH
  • Kindle Voyage: 1320 mAh 
  • Kindle oasis: 250 mAh (built in battery) + 1290 mAh ( in-case battery)
  • Kindle paperwhite: 1420 mAh

Well despite having dual-battery, you can find oasis 20% larger than voyage, which does not sound like a major flick. As, oasis can’t live without its in-case battery, which is the reason behind its heavy weight. The in-built battery get finished earlier, which put you in a dicey situation, either to charge the battery or just rely over the extra “in-case battery”.

  1. Unwanted Light Spots– Would you mind if you are reading in your oasis with some light spots? Is it a matter of concern? Well, this light spot issue is not a big problem in your oasis, if you encounter it. There would be two answers you which I would get from your side, either you will ignore this problem or probably try to troubleshoot. If you are in a troubleshoot mode, the navigate this problem to Www Kindle support com to get better assistance and solutions.
  2. Appearance– If I start saying about the looks and the squared shape of the oasis version with a gap between screen and fame, it would be a harsh decision to take on. Well, you don’t need to give priority to this problem like me.