Amazon Free Time has been made specially for offering you the customized Kindle Fire experience. Before using this, you need to create a password for that. Read the article and check out more about the Amazon Free Time on Kindle Fire Tablet.

kindle com supportAmazon Kindle Fire tablets are the best e-readers in the industry that gives you an outstanding experience of reading the e-books. Before your child can use the amazon free Time on your tablet, you need to create a lock screen password or PIN and a profile for your child. For more information or detail, you can take Kindle Fire Support Help.

Amazon Free Time blocks the access to all the Amazon content stores, disable the in-app purchases, social media features, and location based services. To access the amazon Free Time settings lock screen password or PIN is required or enable or disable wireless connectivity. You can know more about this feature at Kindle Support.

Here’s the steps that you should follow for creating a child profile or in case of any difficulty you can take Kindle Help :

  • Swipe from the top of the screen and click settings option from there and then click on Profiles & Family library.
  • Click on the option of Add a child profile.
  • From Add child profile screen, select the option of choose a profile picture.
  • kindle supportAfter filling the sign-up form, select Amazon Free Time for children ages eight and younger and select Teen Profile for the children aged from nine and above.
  • Amazon free Time will lock the tablet to landscape orientation, which is perfect for picture books and educational content. The Teen profile gives the look and feel of the fire tablet with all the security and protection of Amazon Free time profile. Four child profiles can be created on Fire Tablet.
  • For more details and information please take Amazon Kindle Support.
  • Click on the option of Add Profile and select the content to be added in the profile.
  • From you will also have the option to sign up for Amazon Free Time Unlimited. To learn more about this feature please take help form Amazon Kindle Customer Service.
  • Click on the option of Done to save all the settings and creating profile.

After setting up the child’s profile, you can easily access it from lock screen, quick settings, or Clicking on the Amazon free Time App Grid on Home screen. For managing the profile of child click on profiles & family library from settings and click on your child’s name.

After that click on daily Goals and Time limit, and click on the switch option to set the values for the following or you can also take Kindle Com Support:


Choose different educational goals for weekdays and weekends.


kindle fire supportYou can set a time limit for when your child can use Amazon free Time during a day. Click the option of Turn off by to set the time when the Amazon Free Time is turned off. Click on stay off until to set the for using again the Amazon Free time.

Educational Goals

You can set the goals for viewing educational content. You can select the time from drop down menus for your child when content can be viewed. If you want to filter the non-educational content from viewing by your child till the time educational goals are achieved click on the checkbox of Learn First.

Total Screen Time

You can limit the total time that your child will spend in Amazon Free Time.

Time By Activity

You can specify the individual time limits for specific activities like reading books. Slide the bar all the way to right for unlimited time and to the left for blocking access to a content type. In case of any difficulty you can logon to www Kindle com Support.