If you are an Amazon Fire TV Stick user and don’t know how to install a VPN on your device then no need to worry, you can follow this simple procedure. Check this out.

Fire TV HelpAs we all heard of VPN (Virtual Private Network), today we’re going to tell you that how can you add VPN to your Amazon Fire TV. The process of bringing VPN into your Amazon Fire TV is facile; here we have few simple steps for your, just once take a glance at them. There’s one more term with us and i.e. IPVanish, now you all are wondering why we keep this term with us, let us tell you that this one is the best VPN provider plus you can also check their own dedicated Amazon app.

How To Install A VPN On Amazon Fire TV Stick

  1. First, you need to build a connection between your Amazon Fire TV stick and television with the help USB port or simply make a connection with the help of HDMI adapter cable. Power should be in your Amazon Fire TV stick while it’s in use. Now you just need obey the direction, those you see on the screen.

2. Amazon Fire TV SupportAfter the completion of your setup procedure, your eyes will catch the homepage plus menu in the horizontal manner at the top. Now step ahead to menu and scroll unless you don’t see the search icon. After that, you need to click on the selected remote.

3. Now go to the search option and then enter the IPVanish there, you can also use the voice-recognition aspect which resides in your Fire TV remote.

4. You simply need to get the IPVanish App and after completion of downloading just open it up. For any Fire Stick Help, you can get in touch with professionals as well.

5. As it emerges in front of you, your eyes will catch the IPVanish homepage, and that page will be quite perspective to step ahead around and through this you will get the permission to make a selection of location and server with whom you want to get in touch. After completion of the connection process, you will see the location and IP data, both of these resides at screen’s top left, and now you are ready.

You Might Face These General Issues While Following The Above Process

fire tvIf you have the 2nd generation Fire TV Stick, then you can use VPN, but if you have the 2nd generation, then you need to download IPVanish first. You can take more Fire Stick Support by getting in touch with professionals and experts. Well, if you’re still using the first generation then we strongly recommend you upgrade to the second generation, it won’t cost you much. The second generation is the best for the VPN, and you will get security as well.  If you don’t know the generation of your Amazon Fire TV Stick then you can visit Settings, then System and to About. There you will come to know about your Amazon Fire TV Stick’s generation.