Today we have a comparative study of Kindles to understand why they are best suitable Kindle for everyone irrespective of age. So go through the following content to get the overview of Kindles as the best E-reader.

kindle comAlthough all Kindles are different from each other, still they possess few common properties, for example, all four Kindles for starters have same memory space and thus have the same storage capacity. All these Kindles have a 4GB internal memory space and can store up to thousands of books for a single Kindle E-reader. These Kindles have the standard size of 6 inches for the viewing screen in spite of the difference in the quality of screens due to use of different technologies to provide the better experience. So let’s go through the differences between these Kindles to know how they are the best E-readers for all.

Firstly we will discuss the Basic Kindle features and then proceed towards the rest other models. Basic Kindle is mostly for the new users of Kindle, and many users consider this as the best one they need for reading. This E-reader has a very decent look with a screen resolution of 167 ppi and is available only with the Wi-Fi model. So this could be the suitable for the users who don’t care about the 3G speed. There are no buttons on it so you can move to another pages and menu with the help of available touch screen of this Kindle. Note while reading during the night you need to keep the Light on else you won’t be able to read as it doesn’t have the back light feature. This Kindle is the cheapest Kindle and is available at a minimum price of £59 with supported adds else it costs £69 without adds.

kindle helpKindle Paperwhite has some advanced features than Basic Kindle as it comes with an inbuilt feature of back light with a resolution of 300 ppi. It provides the reading experience like if you are reading from the original piece of paper with better contrast. It is also not much costly as one can buy it at £109 with supported adds and for £119 without adds. It supports 3G, but for that, you need to pay £109 (with ads) and £169 (without ads) i.e. you need to pay £50 more than the normal price to get the 3G Kindle Paperwhite.

Kindle Voyage is the first model that is not available with ads. It is costly as compared to Paperwhite with the same resolution of 300ppi that enhances the light of the screen. It has the feature to adjust the light automatically and thus is capable of altering the brightness level of the Kindle display according to the surrounding environment. If the brightness changes, the contrast also changes automatically to provide the users a better reading experience. Kindel Voyage possesses the PagePress technology that helps in moving from one page to another due to the use of haptic sensors that sense the user’s touch. It is available at £169 with Wi-Fi support and £229 with 3G support.

kindle supportKindle oasis is the latest Kindle available in the market and is expensive than rest other available Kindles. It is somewhat smaller in design as compared to other Kindles and is designed with a handgrip on its sides to ease the carrying of the device. It also possesses the buttons to move between the pages you just need to touch the button to go to another page. It has the much higher number of LEDs for the screen light i.e. up to 60% more than other Kindles. You can purchase the Kindle Oasis with Wi-Fi support by paying £269 and the Kindle Oasis with 3G support at a price of £329.

So, this was a short report for Kindles that helps one to Know the Kindles and allows you to select the Kindle easily depending upon the requirements.

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