We usually use a word to wake our smart speakers and same as the case with Amazon Echo. But now a new wake word has come and Star Trek fans are happy because of it. Let’s check why.

amazon echosetupA new wake word has been added to Amazon Echo smart speakers for waking them and it has made all the Star Trek fans very happy. The new wake word is Computer. This new wake word is for Amazon echo and Echo Dot smart speakers both. By default, the wake word is Alexa and Amazon and Echo as the alternatives. Now the fourth wake word has come and it is an obvious call out for the voice activated controls on Star Trek’s Starship enterprises. If the users of Echo will open the Settings option of their Alexa app, they will see a fresh wake word option Computer. For more information, Amazon Echo Help, can be taken.

If right now you are not able to see the option in Alexa app, then it will appear in coming days. Computer is the far the best wake word or the speakers along with Alexa, Echo, and Amazon. It is also the best option as compared to Amazon’s close rival Google Home. Google’s wake words include just two words Hey Google and Ok Google.

Here’s how you can change the wake word of Amazon Echo Setup:

  • On your smartphone open the Alexa app.
  • Click on the icon at top left corner to open the menu.
  • Select settings and then your Echo device.
  • Scroll down to the option of wake word and select it.
  • Use the drop down menu to select Computer a wake word and click on save.
  • This will update your Echo so that when you will say Computer the spears will be awake.

amazon echo supportYou can also take Amazon Echo Support in case you are having an issue in changing the wake word. Once done you need to ensure that you must play around some of the Star Trek’s Easter eggs offered by Echo. Alexa already has the plenty of love for Star Trek. Just try to say beam me up or Tea Earl grey hot and you will an Easter egg response from your Alexa.

Right now, both Home and Echo users are not able to select their own wake words. But we are hoping that they will get to od this soon. Now you can talk to Amazon by saying the word Computer very loudly and for this you don’t even have to use the mouse. Fr more information and any query you can log on to www Amazon Com Echosetup.