If you’re new to Amazon Echo and don’t how to setup Echo then no worries, you can follow these easy steps or simply contact professionals for better the assistance.

amazon echoAmazon Echo, we all know this famous word and device. Amazon Echo is a Bluetooth-enabled powerful speaker who holds the digital assistant called Alexa. Alexa is the voice of Echo, and this digital assistant listens to your verbal command. If you’re new to this fantastic device then you can grab the steps or procedure of setup by getting in touch with professionals and by visiting Apple App Store, Amazon Appstore and Google Play you can get the Alexa app.

  1. Download The Alexa App And Sign In

If you have Alexa app, then you can quickly complete the procedure of setup. You can even manage your soundtracks, list of shopping and alarms, etc. You can easily get the Alexa app from the Google Play Store.

  • Fire OS 3.0 or higher
  • Android 4.4 or higher
  • iOS 8.0 or higher

alexa appBelow we have the options form you can download the Alexa app. Simply visit these platforms to get this app and download it to your device.

  • Apple App Store
  • Google Play
  • Amazon Appstore

If you’re a computer user, then you can navigate to https://alexa.amazon.com with the help of your using browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge. Wi-Fi connection is essential with good speed.

  1. Power On Echo

Now you just need to plug the power adapter that you have provided, simply make a connection between your power adapter and Echo and then insert into the electrical outlet. Now you will see the blue and orange light. An orange light means the device is greeting you.

  1. Connect Echo To A Wi-Fi Network

wi fiIf you want to make the connection between your Wi-Fi network and Echo, then your need to follow the app’s simple directions. If you find any obstacle in connecting your device, then you can take professional’s help as well.

Tip: If you’re unable to connect your Echo then you need to break the connection by unplugging the device then plug it back correctly. If still, you see no positive result then you can need to reset your Amazon Echo and Echo 1, this one is for those who’re using 1st generation.

  1. Alexa Is Ready

Once you have done with all the procedure, then you’re ready to use the Alex, or simply we can say Echo’s voice. Using Alexa is so simple, you just need to give the verbal command and Alexa will follow it. You can also change the wake-up word of your device. For more information and precise guidance, you can get in touch with technicians.

Don’t Get Confused Between Echo And Dot

amazon echo helpNo need to get confused between Amazon Echo and Dot. Simply Amazon Echo is a tall cylinder speaker, and this device gives a response to wake word and grabs the verbal command. By giving your verbal command, you can simply control your back scores, lights, and locks, etc. You can also get the updated weather report plus current situation of the traffic; you can even read PDF files, and book your Uber, etc. When it comes to Echo Dot the tell us to tell this one is a tiny speaker, this device resides at Amazon Echo’s top section. This device came to US markets in 2016 (March). For more information regarding Echo, you can visit Amazon’s official website. For more updates and information, you can stay tuned to Amazon.