Accessing the extensive number of eBooks is one of the supreme things to do with the Kindle device. All the downloaded kindle eBooks uses the AZW file format which can be copied easily kindle supporton the kindle. If you get any query, you can reach out to Amazon Kindle Customer Service to get the better solutions.

Are you doing well with your Kindle device? The fine e-reading device has been the prominent player in the e-reading device market. With the astonishing features and an amazing line up of services, Kindle has also been able to capture the attention of all the potential users across the different boundaries of the world. If you are one of the fine users of the e-reading device, then you can get to Amazon Kindle Update to get the latest updates regarding the device.

Well, it’s been a known fact that under the kindle library, all the users can access the extensive number of books with different titles and genres. And for accessing the fine eBooks, all you need to do is to purchase and download the digital eBooks from the official kindle com Supportwebsite of Amazon. You may have notice that every eBook that you download from Amazon uses the AZW file format, which actually results in the applying of Digital Rights Management encryption and licensing to all the eBooks. The AZW format is actually the kindle eBook file format. Having this kind of eBook files can easily store all the annotations, page numbers, and bookmarks that actually sounds similar to the physical version of the eBook. Well, it’s quite easy to move the AZW eBook files to the kindle, as long as they don’t have any kind of DRM protection. Besides the e-reading, there are many things which you can explore with the fine e-reading device. Just head to manage your Kindle Account page and then organize all the things in a fine way. Get to know the way to transfer the files in an easy way.

Through USB

  1. The first thing which you need to do is to link your kindle to the computer through a USB amazon kindle supportcable. The computer will automatically recognize the kindle device as the huge storage device.
  2. Now simply unlock the kindle folder by tapping its icon on the desktop or head on to “My Computer” and then tap the drive letter. There will be three folders named as “Audible”, “Documents”, and “Music”.
  3. Now simply drag the AZW format files and drop it into the “Documents” folder of the kindle device. Once the file transferring gets finished, simply delink the kindle and the AZW files will get immediately appear in the Kindle’s library. In case, if you get any kind of issue with the process or any other query, then you can simply reach out to Kindle Help in order to get the proper solutions.

Through Email

  1. Firstly press the “Menu” button on your Kindle and then choose “Settings”. Now you need kindle comto take the note of the Kindle email address, which get displayed on the Settings page.
  2. Now simply create the latest email on the computer and then add-on the AZW files in the attachment.
  3. Lastly, you just need to send the email to your Kindle email address. After this, all the attachments of the eBoook will automatically get appeared in the Kindle library’s after some time, without any further action to do. If got any tech bug then head on to Kindle Support to get the tech support and assistance.