In this blog post we will show the difference between the Amazon fire TV and amazon fire TV stick.  The difference in terms of technical specifications and certain features is discussed below. You don’t need to take Amazon Fire TV Support from any other source.

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Now we will discuss about the each product one by one

2nd Generation Amazon Fire TV:  

The technical specifications include : –

  1. Internet connectivity: both wired and wireless.
  2. Remote: remote is included with voice enabled feature.
  3. Storage: 10 GB internal with external memory slot that can be increased up to 128 GB.
  4. Audio Output: Dolby ATMOS compatible.
  5. USB Compatible Devices: third party remote and joysticks, USB dongles, XBOX game consoles and keyboard and mouse. Fire TV Support all these devices.
  6. Bluetooth Compatibility: the Bluetooth devices compatible with the fire TV includes headphone, keyboards, mouse and gaming controllers.

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The features of the Amazon fire TV includes : –

  1. Video: The video format supported by TV are 4K videos with UHD quality.
  2. Music: All the app listed for playing the music are available and support the Amazon fire TV.
  3. Free Time Unlimited: You can set your TV for free time unlimited by connect kindle fire to TV
  4. Apps and Games: Download games and apps from the amazon app store and enjoy watching on the TV.

1st generation Amazon fire TV:

All the technical specifications of 1st generation Amazon fire TV are like most similar to the 2nd generation fire TV. The Bluetooth connectivity support is changed slightly. It supports Bluetooth 4 HFP, HID and SPP. As far as audio output is concerned the 1st generation amazon fire TV supports only HDMI output without the ATMOS compatibility.

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Now coming to the video part in the features, the 1st generation amazon fire TV supports only HD videos. It does not support ultra 4K videos. If you fire TV not working with 4k videos this means that you are using a 1st generation fire TV. Rest all the features are same as Amazon fire TV second generation.

Amazon Fire TV Stick with voice remote:

The technical specifications of the fire TV stick are discussed below  : –

  1. Internet connection: Only Wireless option is available in it.
  2. Remote included: the remote of fire TV stick is same as that of Amazon fire TV second generation. This remote works well with game controllers.
  3. Memory: the storage available for the data is 4.5 GB out of total 8 GB.
  4. 1 GB RAM.
  5. No external storage option available.
  6. Audio output: The Dolby digital sound with 7.1 surround pass through.
  7. USB Compatibility: Not available. For more information you can move to Fire Stick Help. You will get knowledge about the substitute.
  8. Bluetooth: It supports Bluetooth 3.0.  You can log onto website to check the list of compatible devices.

Features of amazon fire TV stick : –

  1. Video: It supports HD video compatible with the TV. You can easily connect kindle to TV with the help of HDMI port.
  2. Audio music: Supports music from library, prime music and other third-party apps and services.
  3. Free time availability: Not available in the fire stick.
  4. Apps and games: Support all the games and apps available on the app store.

Fire TV Stick :-

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The technical specifications of the TV are : –

  1. Internet connection: Same as the former one.
  2. Remote: Remote is also same as that of previous one.
  3. Storage space: The total space 8GB is given with the device. You can store data up to 4.5 GB.
  4. Rest all the specifications of audio output and compatible USB devices are same.

If we talk about the features: These are totally same as that of amazon Fire TV stick with voice Remote. For more information and help you can take fire stick support from the official amazon website.