Kobo Aura H20 is here to mark its presence! Analyze reliable factors to decide the best, Kindle voyage or Kobo Aura H20?

Kindle Support

One of your best e-reader device, Kindle has marked its position in the market with astonishing features and services that has added extravaganza e-readers in its feather. Well, there are many things to discuss about this device when it comes to embrace the key qualities and features in order to experience the most happening services. As, you all are aware that the e-commerce giant has led the market with qualitative kindle category which includes Kindle fire, kindle voyage, kindle oasis and kindle paperwhite. The classification render best services for their e-readers, but there are some unwanted problems that hinders your reading experience. Don’t worry! You just need to navigate Kindle customer service for satisfactory solutions. Besides these problems, for any technical assistance you can resolve your problems with Kindle Support. Apart from this, a new e-reader device has entered in the market with some promising features to battle with the existing Kindle voyage. Kobo Aura H20 is the new competitor, who want to enter in the e-reader market with its distinctive features. As you can see the battle ground is heating up, and that’s why we are here to analyze the competition with some reliable factors. Let’s crack the competitive factors to decide the best you can get.


  1. Performance Factor – The first factor every individual look in any device is the performance factor of that device in comparison to other device in the market. The existing Amazon player kindle voyage in the market was stated to be “20 percent faster”, depending upon the features of accessibility, speed and reliability factor etc. But, after the review we found that, both players are near to each other in terms of their performance in the market. So, clearly its hard to decide the winner, still you can go for kindle voyage, because of its existing factor.
  2. Reading Extras Factor – This factor is included in every e-reader to click on the words and get the definition with full explanation. Kindle voyage is the roughest player in this factor, as it collect the information from Amazon’s X-ray tool, the new Oxford American dictionary and Wikipedia. It also fuse with the social media platforms like Facebook. It also allows you to share your notes and highlight the progress.
  3. Pricing Factor – The pricing factor is also one of the prime factor, most of you sitting out there look for! The basic price of kindle voyage is $200, which includes ads and Wi-Fi connectivity. But, if you want your voyage version to be ad free, then you have to release $20 extra and for 3G connectivity, it is $70. Basically, the e-commerce giant is selling a suitable Kindle Voyage for $290. While, the Aura H20 costs $180, which is much lower than the basic package of voyage. Although, Aura doesn’t provide 3G connectivity as the option to upgrade.
  4. kindleDesigning And Utility Factor – Designing factor is the most promising factor everyone looks in their e-reader. Some of the attractive features of designing elements in both e-reader is their sheeny designs and fascinating looks. The power button of Aura is located on the back side of the device, which make it a convenient choice to hold your device like a book. Besides this, both e-readers has impressed the market with their pleasing design. With a competitive edge over the compact look, it outshine Aura.
  5. Public Library Lending – If you want to borrow e-books from your local library with Aura H20, then you have to take the pain for it, because the e-reader require third-party software to continue with the process. While, in Kindle voyage case, Amazon Whispersync service makes things simpler by allowing its users to sync their books directly to their kindle from the library’s website.