Now almost all the paper books are in the market and are ready to wake us through the night. But we heard only one name for e-readers that is Kindle but there are other also.

Kindle com supportWhenever we talk about any e-reader the only name that comes to our mind is Kindle. It’s the synonym for an e-reader. But there are other options available in the market also. Kindle Support is also provided with all kindle e-readers.

Another name in the field of e-readers is Kobo. This is the premium e-reader that has the hardware enough to make a tough Kindle competitor. We are showing you some points here that will help you in making which one is the better e-reader. Amazon Kindle Support can be used to know about Kindle e-readers.

When we talk about the design which leaves a huge impact on readers. If you are holding a device in your hands obviously, you want it to look astonishing and somewhat unique. Amazon has done much research on it and has come up with a product that will attract every book lover. The company launched Kindle Oasis. The design was not much changed in Paperwhite also but it was fabulous. It comes in matte black or white colors with a soft touch plastic. You can log on to www Kindle com Support to know more about various Kindle models.

amazon kindle supportThe change what Kindle e-readers have observed is the size of large bezel around the screen that has some impact on the holding ability. In this case, the Kobo has no alternate but there are rumors that the new device of Kobo will come with metal trim and thin and will be slightly upgraded from Paperwhite.

Else everything is fine except weight. This makes a lot of difference while selecting a device for you. The Kindle is 205g for Wi-Fi version and 217g for 3G models. It is easy to hold for a long time. The dimensions of Kindle are 169mm X 117mm. and its thickness is 9.1mm. The dimensions of Kobo are 195.1mm X 138.5mm and its thickness is 6.9mm. It comes with a larger screen and its weight is 226g. The kobo is heavier than Kindle and just because it will not be easy to hold it for a long time. Know more about Kindle from Amazon Kindle Customer Service.

kindle helpAnother difference between Kindle and Kobo is the basic controls including page turning buttons. Kindle has all the basic controls but Kobo has no page turning buttons. Everything is perfectly managed by a touchscreen in Kindle but it’s not the same with Kobo.

So, there were the differences between Kindle and Kobo e-readers that will help you in choosing the right e-reader for you. Kindle Help can also be taken to know more about the features of the kindle.