If you’re Amazon Fire tablet user then here we’ll tell that what Echo digital assistant Alexa can do on a Kindle Fire device.

amazom kindle supportFor the past year, Alex digital assistant of Amazon- a voice-controlled supporter that responses questions, plays soundtracks on verbal command and orders toilet roll or diapers etc. has been limited to selected Amazon devices. Users required one of Amazon’s home automation devices, the Echo and the Echo Dot, or its Fire TV for casting or streaming videos, to use the genius voice assistant.

On Wednesday, Amazon premiere a software update that permits the 7-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch Fire tablets to integrate Alexa.

kindle fire supportAmazon’s addition of Alex to the Fire tablets arrives as the company gives a try to increase usage of its technology, which competes against Apple’s Siri and Google’s latest debuted smart assistant, Google Assistant. The company is also expecting Alexa might drive more leisure time shopping. Yes, being a user of Kindle Fire Tablet you can take Kindle Fire Support Help from professionals as well.

Amazon, which has above 1K people working on the technology of Alexa, want to motivate immense adoption, and this can be done primarily via the company’s most well-liked hardware devices, the company says.

kindle supportAfter enabling Alexa on the tablet, users can say commands like: ‘Alexa, open Google Music’ to use the assistant to carry out facile tasks life to launch apps. Other tasks grip able to check the weather, get news, in brief, play soundtracks from Amazon’s streaming music service, and get the fresh scores of sports games. Beside Fire tablet, if you’re using any model of Kindle then you can grab Amazon Kindle Support by contacting professionals.

When you ask Alexa for this information, give a command, ‘Alexa, tell me the weather in California’, not only will the assistant verbally read out the recent weather but it will also show them in physical form, with a medium sized card that will pop up on your screen and display the day’s weather and temperature, as well as 7-day forecast. Rest if you’re sporty person then you can also ask for the game’s score.

kindle helpOne of the most natural aspects of using Alexa on a tablet is the capability to order and reorder items from the official site of Amazon. Kindle users can also grab books from Amazon, if you want to get any update or info then you can make a ring on Amazon Kindle Customer Service number. When you tell Echo’s voice to reorder Pampers diapers, it will pop up a visual card of the item, ordered by you in the past. And you can facilely direct the assistant to purchase the diapers and ship them to your home.

kindle help.If you’re an owner of Echo or another Alex-enabled device and have added ‘skills’ from the third parties such as car service, Uber or Pizza etc. you’ll also be able to use these functions on the tablet. Offered the app is installed. So you will literally be able to tell Alexa to ‘order you a medium cheese pizza from Domino’s Pizza’ using the tablet. You can also use it for some house automation tasks, like turning lights on and off.

For more details and updates you can stay tuned to the official website of Amazon.