All the users of iPhone, those who are using Kindle app, you need to check these astounding Kindle tricks. If you haven’t tried these tricks yet, then time to try them out now.

Being a user of iPhone, we have some amazing Kindle tricks for you. If you’re using the Kindle app on your iOS platform, then we once recommend you take a glance at these Kindle tricks. Meanwhile, being a user of Kindle if you want any technical help, then you’re free to get Kindle Support by getting in touch with Kindle professionals.

Get Free Magazines (Monthly) And Feel The Reading Experience

If you’ve got the subscription of Amazon Prime, then you can relish magazines for free (monthly). Well, instead of carrying the bulk of magazines, you can simply read the kindle helpmagazines on your Kindle easily. As we all know that this gadget provides us real book reading experience, those who are already using this device they know well about the performance and aspects of this device. You just need to grab your favorite magazine and read it out. You have the option of scrolling, zooming in and zooming out and much more. If you want to grab more technical support, then you are free to visit www Kindle Com Support or simply contact professionals.

Manage Your Digital Books

It often happens when you find that your library is not in a systematic way. At that time, kindle comyou feel that now you need to manage or organize your library. You can simply create a folder, just create two folders- one with the name of ‘Read’ and the second one should be ‘Unread,’ now we no need to tell that which book you need to put in which folder. Just pick the book from ‘Read’ folder, which you want to read and those books haven’t read by you, they all are staying in the ‘Unread’ folder.

So, if you want to make a new collection, then just hit Menu icon. Now make a tap on plus sign in that you will see at corner (upper side). Now give your collection a name and hit Create. Now make a tap on covers accordingly. Books needed to be assigned to more than one collections, and if you find any difficulty in this step, then you are free to make a call to Amazon Kindle Customer Service number.

You Can Change The Name

kindleThe time, when you follow the procedure of registration of Kindle app, at that time your app allocates a name. It all depends on that how many devices have in use by you. Well, sometimes It becomes quite confusing. Well, you don’t want to transfer your data into the wrong name, then the best fixation is that you need to change the name.

Well, if you’re using a Kindle app, then you are unable to change the name. You just need to go to your desktop, navigate to Manage My Devices and the hit Your Devices tab, now check the device which you want to change, after making a click on the action button, you need to edit. That’s it, and you’re done.