Hyundai cars are now compatible with the digital voice assistant. The blue link account now act with Alexa to follow the commands.


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Various functions that you can request include the following :

blue link

  • Lock/Unlock the remote door across all Hyundai models
  • To start remote engine with climate control across those Hyundai models which support it.
  • To stop/start the charging of Sonata Plug-in, Hyundai 10NIQ Electric and 10NIQ plug-in.

The blue link can be simply accessed from the buttons on the smartphone, rearview mirror or web. The features can also be controlled with the Apple watch and Android wear smart watch offerings.

Work process

amazon alexa

Firstly, the users must enable the Blue-link skill in their alexa app available on Fire tablets, iOS and android. Then link the existing blue-link account inside the alexa app. You can initiate the command to alexa after confirming Blue link personnel identification number of hyndai vehicles owners only.

With this smart move, other automobile companies will enroot to apply alexa with their vehicles. However, its not a revolutionary step, indeed a smart innovative step to make the riding experience smarter than ever.