Hulu has launched a new Live T.V application through which users of Amazon Fire T.V and Fire Stick can enjoy the Hulu live streaming feature. Users can access more than 50 Live TV channels including FOX, NBC, ESPN and much more at just $39.99.

Recently in May this year, Hulu introduced the new Live T.V beta application to enable the streaming of Live T.V content on Apple T.V, iOS, Xbox one, Chromecast devices and all amazon Fire TV Support Helpother android devices. But that app was not compatible for streaming the Live T.V content on Amazon Fire T.V, so Hulu team was working to bring up a new software to allow the streaming of Hulu Live TV content from all Amazon Fire TV and Fire stick devices. Thus Hulu has now launched a new Live streaming beta service for all the Amazon Fire TV and Fire stick users as they just need to download this app on their television and enjoy the Hulu’s Live streaming content. You can view Fire Stick Support procedures if you face a problem in using your Fire Stick.

The Amazon Fire T.V and the Fire stick devices will automatically upgrade their software to stream the Hulu live TV content, but in case the updates are not performed amazon fire tv support helpautomatically then make sure you keep your device updated with the most recent version. With the help of this new Hulu live TV application, the Fire T.V and Fire stick users can make profiles with their personalized content. They can easily select their favorite content may be any shows or movies and create their watch list. Now they don’t need to refer to channel lineup every time they want to move to any of their favorite or frequently viewed channels. Also, Amazon Fire TV Support is always available to address all problems faced while using the Amazon Fire T.V.

Although, the Hulu’s “Skinny” packages included local broadcasting channels but don’t allow to see Viacom’s channel. Whereas with Live streaming Users can enjoy streaming more than 50 Live TV channels.The FOX, NBC, ESPN, FX, CBS, USA, ABC, TBS, CNBC and many other Channels are included within this Live T.V streaming. Users can enjoy all this Live T.V content with a subscription amount of $40 for each month. Hulu subscribers can create up to six profiles for a single subscription. They can enjoy streaming to two devices simultaneously. More this can even be upgraded to extend the number of devices.

The production head of the Hulu Mr. Richard Irving gave an official statement that “Focusing on a handful of devices allowed us to learn a lot from our viewers on those devices Amazon Fire TVand make many improvements over the past few weeks.” He also said that “Now, we’re excited to bring the brand-new Hulu to even more TV fans.” Mr.Richard Larving stated that they would soon bring new interfaces that will enable using Hulu or many more devices. The company reported that it had 47 million subscribers and even after the introduction of the Live streaming app for other devices this number of customer base doesn’t increase significantly. So, the company is now expecting that introduction of this new Live T.V app for Amazon Fire TV, and Fire stick might lead to some improvement in the number of Hulu users.

Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick was one of the significant devices that were left behind for using Hulu, but now these both types of equipment can also be used for Live streaming. It might increase the customer base for Hulu. Hulu will soon be introducing more software to increase the number of compatible devices for it.

It can also be considered as the perfect time for all the Fire TV and Fire Stick users to start streaming live TV content on Hulu. Remember Fire TV Support is always available for any problems related to Fire T.V.