In this blog post, we will discuss ‘how to troubleshoot the problem of Alexa in amazon echo devices. The process of troubleshooting is simple and discussed below. You can take Amazon echo help from the support website for further details.


Amazon echo is a voice enabled device that works on speech recognition technology. There is a female voice configured in echo that we call it as Alexa. The Alexa is just a wakeup word and female voice with which an individual communicates. You can do amazon echo setup from the internet on the smart device with which you want to communicate. Suppose if you connect your amazon echo with the mobile phone then the data will be fetched from the mobile if you asked for some query it replies according to the information you stored in your mobile. One of the amazing function in the amazon echo is that if you queued some song and that is not present in your connected device then Alexa will automatically find the same on the internet and play the song via internet. It just notifies you before playing the song. For setup you log onto echosetup. The quick method of installation is available on this link. You can download it from there.

All the problem if encountered during the operation can be easily fixed through the website help or through other sources. But if Alexa couldn’t find the home devices or encounters any other problem then it becomes difficult to troubleshoot the problem. Today we are going to discuss the troubleshooting process for the above mentioned problem.

What to do Alexa cannot find your smart-home devices.

echo setup

When you try to connect the Alexa with the new device at home or we can say when you connect the Alexa speaker with smart home devices through Amazon Alexa setup then you must ensure that the device support the amazon echo and these type of voice enabled devices. The configuration support from both end is necessary so ensure this thing in advance. The other devices in the market that works in the same way as the echo is Philips hue, ecobee3 and Amazon echo dot.

The amazon echo support is provided by the skills software.

Adding new device: If you want to add the new device open the Alexa app on your mobile and click on smart home. Tap on discoveries under the device add section. Here, no need of skill or any other support is required. The official IFTTT channel automatically configures the new device with the help of Yonomi. These tools contain an enormous list of devices that can support the amazon echo Alexa.

Yes, if you have already hookup with the device but the Alexa does not detect it then there are two possible things that can fix this problem. These are discussed in the next points.

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1.Check the wakeup word that you are using. This may be different for different device connected to it. The service IFTTT modifies the command and invocation. If you translate or communicate in slightly different manner then Alexa won’t reply to you. It will remain in off position. Alexa is common wake up word for Amazon Echo tap too. You can change if you are using more than 1 device at home.

2.The software problem within the Alexa setup may be the cause of inability to connect to the smart-home devices even if you download the package from www amazon com echosetup. The certain apps keep on going offline after some time. This makes the Alexa useless for you. You can restart the device in this case.

If the problem still exists then switch off the device and remove device from the smart home device. Repeat the whole process of adding once again.