You can avoid the accidental app downloads and ease your browsing fears with the help of our tips on ensuring your Kindle Fire Tablet is safe for the kids to use. Read the article and get the tips on making your Kindle fire kids friendly in simple and easy way.

Kids love technology, so even if you have bought any Kindle fire for yourself, then curiosity kindle comwill compel them to pick it up soon enough. So, you will want to apply some kind of protection to make sure both your kids and your tablet is safe. And if you have kindle fire for them, then definitely you will like to add even more security because who know they might try to get up where you are not looking. This popular tablet of Amazon has a god range of parental controls that can help in keeping the youngsters well away from whatever it is and in the guide further we will tell you some simple and easy steps for doing all this:

Setup a master password

Form the home screen of kindle fire, click on settings icon > parental control and turn it on position and orange color will indicate it’s on. Now type in a password and type it again in confirmation.

Block Browsing, communications, and social sharing

kindleThe first three options in parental controls are very easy to understand. Three buttons that block the access to the web browser, contacts, calendars, the emails apps and the ability to use the social sharing tools of kindle fire. For changing the settings, just click on the relevant orange colored blocked button and it will change to grey colored button labelled unblock. Fore reversing your choice just tap again.

Protect purchases and playback

Enable the next options to require the master password to be entered for the purchases through the Amazon Store and shop Amazon apps. You just need to move the slider switch to on. Switching password protected video playback to on will see a password request to pop-up whenever someone tries to watch video footage and movie.

Choose which content to block

kindle supportNow click on block and unblock content types to see the categories of content to which you can block access. Make your choices and then click on Back button, which is a left pointing arrow at the foot of the screen, to return to the parental controls screen.

Prevent all online access and location service

The first of the final two options are very drastic. Switch password protect wi-fi to on and anyone wanting to get online with your kindle fire will need to type in the master password.

Try kindle free time

Now you can make use of the kindle free time. Click on the kindle free time option followed by get started, ten type in your password, which will be followed by clicking on submit button. Use the screen of Add child profile for setting up the profiles for one or more children, click on next when finished. Now click on any child profile icon, tick the content that they can use, and click on Done. Click on child’s profile for launching the free time walked garden. For existing from the home screen, click on menu button at the top left side and then click on exit free time.