Being a user of Amazon Echo, if you don’t know the procedure of making a call to someone with Amazon Echo then you can check these steps.

Among the debut of newest voice-activated Alexa device of Amazon, the Echo Show, came amazon echoanother, stiller announcement: Echo-to-Echo voice calls and message for current Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot smart speakers.

The new native aspect lets Echo users ask Echo’s voice to “call” a contact or to transfer them a recorded message. But if you wish it to work, you’ll both need to have the feature up and functioning in your respective Alexa apps.

Here’s how to do it :

1. You need an Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot

It perhaps goes without saying, but if you wish to involve in Echo-to-Echo conversations, amazon echo support helpyou’re going to need an Echo device. At least, sort of. You can technologically use the Alexa app, too, but that seems like a stretch provided how many other paths there already are to use your phone as, you know, a phone.

On the Echo front, your alternatives are the $150 Amazon Echo, the $50 Amazon Echo Dot, or, if you wish to try out video calling as well, the $230 Amazon Echo Show, which is set to be launched at the end of June.

2. Make sure your Alexa app is up to date

This one’s biggie, since the Alexa app is generally going to act as your call center. You will need to ensure you have updated the most current version, which features a fresh design and, most essentially, support for the vice chat aspect.

To do so, just navigate to the App Store on iOS devices or the Google Play Store on Android devices and ensure that you’ve downloaded and installed the most current version of the app.

3. Get started in the app

amazon echo supportOnce your app is up to date, it’ll walk you via messaging setup procedure automatically upon the first launch. You’ll just need to a few immediate directions, counting making confirmation of your name and phone number as well as enabling access to your contacts list.

4. Ensure your contacts are correct

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The Echo messaging aspect uses your contacts to match a phone number to whatever name you’re telling Echo’s digital assistant to get in touch with. It then uses that number to recognize the Alexa user you’re trying to reach — which is why you need to tell Amazon your phone number during the time of setup.

5. Ensure the person you’re calling is on board

•    When someone calls you, all of your Echo devices will ring. This counts any phones or tablets that have the Alexa app installed, since you can use those to take calls or listen to messages, too.

•    Your Echo will glow green when you have a new message. To hear it, you need to give a verbal command.

•    amazon alexa setup supportAmazon will transcribe your messages in the Alexa app. The new messaging section of the Alexa app is small like a voicemail inbox that lists your recent messages and communications. For the messages, it’ll even count recorded speech-to-text readouts of what was said — suitable when you are not able to listen to a message just then. Just be cautioned that the record correctness is only so-so — you might need to decode a confused phrase or two.