Although it might take the time actually to understand, the working of Amazon Echo show but initially everyone wants to make it run then only they could be able to explore the product. Thus today we will discuss the procedure to setup the Echo show.

Anyone who buys a new device first wants to set up and make it work. Same is the case with Amazon Echo Show device that we first need to configure this to make it work. Generally, it takes 5-7 minutes to make the device working, but it might take much longer time if any of the system updates are left pending.

Amazon Echo HelpBefore starting the setup procedure ensure you have the Wi-Fi name and password along with the sign in credentials for your Amazon account. You don’t need any other mobile device for the setup as all the operations can be performed from the touch screen window of Amazon Echo Show device. You can also visit Amazon Com Echo set up for more setup procedures for other Amazon echo devices.

To start the installation process, place the Echo show at a minimum distance of eight inches from windows of the room and the adjoining walls. Maintaining this distance, you can set the Echo show anywhere like in Kitchen, bedroom, living hall, etc.

Download the Alexa application :

You need to download the Alex app to be able to control the Echo show features. The Alexa is also available on phones and other Android devices with following versions :

  • Fire Operating System 3.0 and higher versions.
  • Android Operating System 5.0 and higher versions.
  • Intel operating system 9.0 and above versions.

Search for Alexa application from your device’s play store or visit “” by typing it in the space for URL in your browsing window. You can get Amazon Echo Help if you any problem related to your Amazon Echo devices.

Power On your Echo Show : Connect the Echo show with a power adapter and plug the power adapter into the electrical outlet source. Once you start the device, you will find, and interactive onscreen guide to that will guide you through the whole setup process of your Amazon Echo SupportAmazon Echo show. You will receive prompts to set the language in which you want to use your Echo show, ask for the network settings like Wi-Fi details. It will now ask you to sign in to your account so use you Amazon email i.d and password to login to that page. When you login successfully then you find a list of Terms and Conditions which you need to agree before using the device. So go read all the Terms and Conditions carefully and click on the checkbox icon in front of the statement “I agree to all the Terms and Conditions.” Now you will be able to use your Amazon Echo show as you have completed the setup procedure. Also, You can get  Amazon Echo Support to deal with rest of your Echo devices.

Now you can start operating you Echo show device when you find that home screen of the equipment is changing the pages rotationally. Initially, you need to say “Wake” to Alexa as this is the word that is required to get the start up response from Alexa. It is a default name used to start the Alexa app, but you can alter this word by few following steps :

Steps to change the Wake word from any Andriod device :

  • Open the “Menu.”
  • Go to “Settings” option.
  • Select the device by the name of your Echo Show.
  • Move down to the option for “Wake” word.
  • Click on the drop down list for alternate options for Wake work.
  • Select any one you find the best and click on “Save.”
  • When you change the Wake word, the orange light flashes which ensure that you have successfully changed the wake word.

Steps to modify the Wake word from Echo Show :

  • Amazon EchoSpeak “Open the settings” or just open the settings menu from the touch screen of your Amazon Echo show.
  • Go to “Device options.”
  • Click on the Wake word and access the other alternatives for it.
  • Now select any one and save it.

So this was the procedure to setup your new Echo device and hope you find this guide helpful in getting started. Also, you can ask Support for Amazon Echo devices anytime you face a problem with any of your Amazon Echo devices.