amazon echo helpAmazon smart devices like Echo and tap are quite impressive when they work as per our requirement or intention. On the other hand, if they started working out of the order, then this is totally frustrating for oneself. You can change the colors of your smart LED’s without picking up the phone on hand and also control the temperature of your thermostat with this amazing Echo.

However, sometimes the things don’t go in the same pattern and all the products developed by Amazon are not a flawless one. Today, we are going to discuss the most common flaws that are quite reported by almost 70% of Echo users. They have even tried to troubleshoot this issue by themselves by taking Amazon Echo Support from the link.

1. Alexa Can’t Find Smart-Home Devices : Before connecting the device to your Alexa, you need to check the compatibility of that device with the Amazon Echo. The major devices from the companies like Philips Hue, Honeywell and Ecobee3 are supported by Amazon Alexa speaker.

Amazon echoAdding A Device : To add a device, click on ‘Smart home’ followed by ‘Discover devices’. If the device, which you are going to connect is not supported by the Alexa, then there is nothing to worry because there is an official channel that has an extensive list of supported home appliances. If you are getting problem in adding a device, then go to www Amazon Com Echosetup link.

If Alexa is not connected to the already connected smart home device, then there may the following reason and its solution is also mentioned here along with it. You can even take Amazon Echo Help from the official Amazon link.

  • The problem of connection occurs mainly due to a software issue, network congestion and other issues related to the device. To fix these problems, simply power cycle the smart home devices. This will most of the times solve your problem.

2. Alexa Disconnects From Wi-Fi Network : If your Amazon Echo doesn’t remain connected to the network, then you can either do Amazon Echo Setup from the scratch or follow the below-mentioned steps to troubleshoot it.

  • Restart everything like modem, router, and speaker. After this, start playing audio for some seconds and observe any issue if occurs.

3. Alexa Not Listening To Your Voice Properly : If you find that the Alexa speakers are not listening to your commands properly with the passage of time, then simply turn off the Amazon Echo Supportspeaker and turn it on again. If you still get the same problem, then move speaker away from hindrances and minimum of 8 inches from the wall.

Moreover, there is Voice training option available in the Alexa app, from where you can read 25 phrases in a voice so that Alexa start understanding you in the efficient way.You need to speak from some distance and in typical voice.

4. Accidental Activation Of Alexa : You might have seen a television show ‘Mr. Robot’ on your TV. If yes, then there is a similar voice played in this show, which can activate your Amazon Echo speaker via wake up word. This may accidentally activate your Echo speaker. No doubt, this is harmless but your Alexa will start responding unnecessarily, which will cause nuisance and disturbance in the room. Support for Amazon Echo is also provided by third party support providers but we recommend you to always go to official Amazon link for assistance and help.

To fix the accidental activation of your Amazon Echo speaker, follow the steps mentioned below :

  • Shift the speaker from current place to different place.
  • Press the mute button from the top.
  • Change the wake-up word of your Amazon Alexa to Amazon or any other word of your choice.