amazon echo setup helpAmazon Echo is an outrageous device that easily connects with other apps and controls your home appliances like fan, light, and thermostat. You can set listen to music, set alarm and read the news through Amazon Echo Setup on your smart device. The only drawback of the device is that you can use it in US only but the things are now changed. Now you can enjoy Alexa outside US as well. We are going to discuss the process for setting up Amazon echo outside the US.

Alexa App Installation : This is the first hurdle that the outside user will face while setting up Echo outside the USA. Alexa app is not available on app stores outside the country. However, we have bought simple fix to this problem.

Amazon EchoFor iOS : If you are using an iOS device and want to download the Alexa app, then go to ‘Install the geo-restricted app on iPhone’ and read the instructions.

For Android :  The process for android phone is simple. Go to ‘install geo-restricted app’ and download APK file on the phone.

Time Zone : Since Amazon Echo support, setup in the US only, so it only accepts the US time zones. If you are setting up an alarm or scheduled a meeting through your Amazon echo, then it will remind you for the same at the incorrect time. If you want to change the time zone of your Amazon echo, then you need to go through some steps which are not as easy as it sounds.

Step by step instructions are discussed below:

  • Getting  HTTP Request:
  1. Amazon echo SupportFirst of all, open the web browser and go to Go to developer tools and click on ‘Network’ tab.
  2. Under network tab, go to ‘Device-preferences’ and check the HTTP request with the name which you are looking for.
  3. Now go to ‘Settings’ from Alexa web page and click on ‘Echo’. You will find your Echo device with the name prefixed in front of Echo.
  4. Go down and click on ‘Edit’ given next to the ‘Device Location’.
  5. Now, enter the US based address in the next field. You can enter your home location along with the street name and click ‘Save’. You will find multiple options at the end of the page. Right click on them to copy as URL.
  • Playing Around With Request : After copying the curl from the location, move forward to change the fields related to time zones according to your suite. Follow the below-mentioned steps to get local time zone.
  1. First of all, paste the curl command into the notepad or in the text format and start editing it thereon. Change the ‘Time zone’ field. If you have not found it, then click on ‘Search’ and start finding. Now change the time zone according to your country. You can take Amazon Echo help from our support site.
  2. Change the next field according to the city, where you are presently living. If you are from ‘Delhi’, then select Delhi.
  3. amazon echo helpIn the next field, enter the country code and district name along with the house number. You can leave the latter field blank if you don’t know the values exactly.
  4. Send the request again.
  5. Now, it’s the time to change the following fields in the URL command. First of all, set the first postal code like 110021 for along with state name ‘DL’ and street name ‘Null’. For more help and support, you can also visit www Amazon Com Echosetup page from your web browser.
  6. Send curl request again after updating the information.
  7. Lastly, update the second postal code and send the command. Support for Amazon Echo can also be taken by calling at our support number.

After updating all the fields, it’s the time to check the new time zone that whether it is working or not.