All the Amazon Echo skills can be used with the help of voice commands. Although many of the skills are already enabled still, we need to allow few skills that we might need some time. So today we have the steps to activate them.

Amazon EchoWe need to enable different Alexa skills so that we can use those features on our Amazon Echo. For example, we can activate skills for playing maths and trivia games, Enable the skill to notify you about all the recent concerts that are going to be held in your state.

To allow the Skills for Amazon Echo, you should have an Alexa app, or you need to visit Alexa Skill store present on the If one knows the name of those particular Skills, then he could just say “Enable ( Skill Name) Skill” to activate that Skill. Else go through the following process to enable the Alexa features.

Steps To Enable Alexa Skills For Amazon Echo :

  1. Alexa Setup HelpDownload the Alexa application on any of the devices having a good internet connection.
  2. Once the app is installed, tap on the icon for Alexa app.
  3. Go to the option for “Menu” present at its home page and click on “Skills.”
  4. In case you don’t have the Alexa app, then visit the Alexa Skill Store available on Amazon’s official web page :
  5. Now search for particular skills or browse them from the list of available Skills.
  6. Once you find that particular Skill you were looking for, then click on it to get the detailed view of it. Now click on the option to “Enable Skills.” You can also turn Off and On the Skills with the help of sliding option available with them.

alexa setupAlso, remember that enabling some of the Skills might prompt you to create an account with that Skill provider or subscribe to them. So you should register with them as it won’t harm you by any means. Once you enable those skills, you can go through other additional information regarding the use of those Skills. In case you need more help for it, then you should speak out the Skill name followed by the word “Help” or you can get Amazon Echo Help for any problem related to Amazon Echo.

You can use the Alexa app for managing all those Skills that you activated for you Amazon Echo. To manage the apps, you need to open the main menu of Alexa app and select the skills that you want to control. Now open the detailed page of those skills to access different options to manage those apps. Few of such skills are listed below :

  1. Disable a Skill: This option can be used if you no longer want to use that Skill. To use Amazon Echo Supportthis option, you can click on “Disable,” or say “Disable” followed by skill name and the word “Skill.”
  2. Reviews: This option is used to rate the Skills based on your experience with it. To share any views about it, you should move to the Reviews section and click on the option to “Write a review.”
  3. Manage Permissions for Skills: Some skills might ask for the access to your device details like address or location. So you can grant permissions and revoke this access by editing the option to “Manage Permissions” for all the Skills.

So this way you can enable and manage different Alexa Skills for your Amazon Echo device. Also feel free to get Amazon Echo Support if ever you face any problem while using your Amazon Echo device.


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