Most of the Amazon Echo users are quite unaware of the crazy feature available in Amazon Echo. The feature which we are talking off here is a booming web panel that can control and modify your Echo after Amazon Echo Setup.

What’s The Need To Use This?

amazon echo helpWe all know that Amazon Echo works on voice recognition technology. Alexa is like a personal assistant, which respond to your query at once after connecting to the internet. You need an internet connection for Alexa to respond quickly. You can start stop the service anytime with Alexa. First of all, you need to go to www Amazon com echosetup link to install Amazon Echo on the device. After, that start asking the weather forecast and local news from Alexa.

When it comes to installing or controlling the devices through commands, you need Alexa app or web-based interface to interact with the Alexa. You can download the app or web-based interface from the Amazon Echo Support help link. The user-interface and the visual outlook is quite amazing in a web-based interface.

Now, we are going to discuss the steps to use Amazon echo device with the web-based interface. Read all the steps carefully and must try with your device.

amazon echo setupSteps To Access The Echo Remotely

You can enjoy Amazon Echo service on the web by following the basic setup criteria. Simply connect the Echo to the Wi-Fi network and sign up for the Echo account. In case of any help, you can visit Amazon echo link from your internet browser. Open the browser and type in the URL space and log on to your Amazon account.

Instead of peeping into the small screen of your smartphone, you will experience best GUI on the desktop screen with more space for activities. All the interfaces and things can be controlled in most suitable and easy way.

All the features available in the mobile app are available on the web-interface. You will find same features and display scheme on the web portal. If you have downloaded the Alexa app earlier, then you can compare the features and color style of web-based interface with the Alexa app.

amazon echo setup helpYou can easily control and access the songs playlist. If you want to jump back to the previous song or want to play the next song, then the huge display with big icons will be available on the screen. You just need to click on them with the help of mouse and the song will be played accordingly. To see the recently played songs, you need to move to ‘Previously previewed’ icon.

If you want to do shopping through Amazon Echo, then it’s easy and simple. Just add the items in the cart manually and use the full-size on-screen keyboard to enter the item number or item name on the screen. No doubt, the process of entering the individual items manually is bit lengthy and frustrating but the experience of adding into the cart is quite amazing. If you find any problem in adding the things to the cart, then you can take Amazon Echo Help from the official Amazon support link.

Amazon EchoAll the daily updates related to the news, score update and traffic are available at your fingertips. Just move the cursor to the particular option and the result will get displayed on the screen as well as responded back by the Amazon device itself.

Conclusion : In the end, we can say that all the things that can do with the mobile Alexa app are possible with the web portal. You only need a one-time setup. After this, you will find all the things on the big screen. You can move to any feature more easily and properly as the view has now become bigger.