Amazon Fire TVAmazon Fire TV comes with a lot of added functionality which others do not have. It is, first of all, backed up by Amazon. It offers a lot of content from Amazon Prime video subscription services. Secondly, it has a powerful TV box which is a first party box from Amazon. The remote control is simple and sleek and does the job well. Amazon Fire TV Support also provides a lot of flexibility in plans and bundling of channels and internet streaming services. Now, Amazon has added a new feature to it which we can discuss later.

About Amazon Fire TV And Alexa Integration

Alexa is an audio assistant which comes with Amazon echo devices. Echo has the ability to Fire Supportcontrol a lot of IoT devices which comes from its ability to add skills. As Kindle Fire Support confirms, Amazon Fire TV is also becoming one of the skill sets of Alexa. It is a move of Amazon to increase penetration of both devices in user’s home who own either one of these devices.

There is a future prospect to add Fire Stick Support to Alexa from Amazon echo to connect automatically. Presently, for connection of Amazon Alexa and Amazon fire TV, both need to be on a common wireless network. Thus, saying the wake word and then giving the instruction would lead to a set of activities which Alexa can do to control Amazon fire TV.

Presently, kindle fore tablets can also connect to fire TVs to control them. Connect Kindle Fire To TV by using a simple Wi-Fi connection over the same network. Hence this is safe to assume that Amazon is integrating its own smart devices under the umbrella of the internet of things. There are a lot of TVs which come with Amazon’s software which, for now, are connected with Alexa.

If the Fire TV Not Working with Amazon Alexa now, it is because it needs an update which Amazon is slowly rolling out. Those TVs which are equipped with Amazon’s software also have limited capabilities in respect to being controlled by Alexa. Volume can be increased by using voice controls and vice versa. If an HD antenna is available, the most a user can do is to change channels.

However, after software updates rolled out, users can do so much more than just dumb commands. As it is clarified by Amazon Fire Tv Support, users can pair their Amazon fire TV amazon fire tv support helpwith Alexa by making use of fire TV mobile app by Amazon. Amazon has provided a voice remote for the latest gen fire TVs. The connected Alexa services will work the same as the voice remote, users would just not need the remote control.

Amazon is not just stopping at this point in their venture. While the integration will take time and would surely have its potholes, in the beginning, Amazon has other plans. There has been a lot of speculation that fire stick will also have some kind of update for the same functionality. More can be read about it on Fire Stick Help.

For now, Amazon is adding Fire TV to Alexa’s portfolio of devices which it can connect to and control. However, Amazon is also working on adding more functionality. The promised functionality is to show house camera feeds on compatible fire TVs with help of Amazon Echo. Adding this functionality does not make Amazon first in this business to do so.

Google already has added functionality to control its chrome cast from the google home. It was a long overdue update from Amazon which is going to be available soon in international markets.