The process of converting a book in kindle E-reader is not at all obvious, you need to put some Extra efforts in order to accomplish this process. Kindle support different formats for various kindle devices. These variations in design makes difficult for publishers to publish the books for all devices. Self- published authors also find the same formatting problem while converting E-books. Yes, if the authors and publishers are well aware about this formatting errors then they can manage the work accordingly.

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Self-publishers employ different software’s to create best E-Book for kindle. Amazon kindle support direct publishing for converting the word document to E-book format. However, you will not get the fair results with product. Secondary method used by many authors for converting the files is via HTML caliber and uploading on the kindle device. One important thing to tell you here is that caliber being a third party software doesn’t supported by kindle direct publishing so the publishers may face problems in this method. This is un-preferable method and not recommended by the Kindle com support Expert members. Some of the Buzz to fix the formatting errors are:

The very first step is to make all four documents that includes:

  • HTML text.
  • NCX table of contents.
  • HTML based table of contents.
  • An OPF.

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Minor mistakes of semi-colon or missing character may create an extensive problem in formatting. Collect your cover photo and place the four documents in a right format so that it will work perfectly on a kindle Gen. Check the preview of kindle format via previewer through kindle help before submitting it. If you find any error, then go back to the original document and check for the error. There is no such document that looks foolproof on every kindle E-reader. For more help and information call at kindle customer service number provided on the website. There are some tips for manuscript that can make E-book better. The main reasons that causes issues during conversion of E-book are:

  • Single quotation marks.
  • Ellipses.
  • Apostrophe.

After finding errors, you can replace the errors with replace option. Although, all the errors and problems are not fixed with this option as well. You have to move forth and back to remove the errors adequately. To move back and forth, kindle fire support this function. Major Errors faced while preparing a manuscript and changing into E-book are:

  1. Complicated file conversion: The format used in manuscript is mainly PDF and it is difficult to modify the format for E-reader. Whereas, in word format you can easily change the format to kindle supported E-book format. Editing a file is easy in word document.
  2. Calculating on print digital conversion: Some books on E-readers are uploaded through the process of OCR. This process scan the PDF pages one by one in a symmetrical manner. All the titles including blacklisted one are converted to E-books because authors have no access to the digital version books. The problem in this conversion is that OCR doesn’t identify the similar characters so the chances of Errors are there in this conversion. kindle We know that there are some OCR software that scan the books twice, so it omits every error if found in the book. For more help and information on digital books, go to www kindle com support link.
  3. Larger image size: the size of the E-book matters a lot, if it is not perfect then user can not able to view the large images on screen. The maximum limit for file downloading is 2 MP.
  4. Device capabilities: Some of the multimedia and other accessories are not supported by every device. Those devices, which support the enhancements include:
  • Barnes and Noble nook tablet.
  • Kindle Apps made for iOS.
  • IPhone, iPad and other apple devices.