Amazon Echo is a smart speaker that connects to your smart home device and help in controlling them. But all this is done when Echo is connected to a network connection. If it will be connected to the network connection, then it will easily process your commands and stream the content.

amazon echoAmazon Echo is a smart speaker by Amazon that connects tow network connection and help in controlling your smart home devices and stream the content of your choice. Echo needs an active and strong network connection so that Alexa can hear you from any side of your house and fulfils your commands.

Your Amazon Echo Setup needs a dual band Wi-Fi network that uses 802.11a / b / g / n standard and for this you need to plug in your Echo in to power outlet and open the Alexa app.

Follow these steps to connect your Echo to Network connection or you can take Amazon Echo Help :

  • Open left navigation panel in Alexa app and choose settings option.
  • Select your device and select update Wi-Fi.
  • ww amazon com echosetuIf you are adding a new device to your account, then choose the option of set up a new device.
  • On your Echo device press and hold the action button for five seconds. After that the light ring will change into orange color and your mobile phone device will be connected to your Echo. Now the list of available wi-fi networks will appear in the app.
  • Now select your wi-fi network and enter its password. If you don’t see your network, then scroll down and select the option od Add a network or rescan.
  • If you want to add your Alexa to list of approved devices of router, scroll down until you see the MAC address.
  • Any password which is saved during setup will appear automatically when you connect any new Alexa device to the same wi-fi network. The passwords are also remembered when you switch between saved wi-fi networks. For more information, you can log on to www Amazon Com Echosetup.
  • Enter any required information while connecting to a public network that needs a web wi fibrowser to sign in. This information can be a pre-shared password, room number or just a button for accepting conditions. You can’t save this information to Amazon.
  • Now select the option of Connect. When your device will be connected to the wi-fi or network connection, a confirmation message will appear in the app. Now you are ready to use your Alexa as the way you want. For any query, you can easily take Amazon Echo Help.