A new chatting app is now on Amazon echo platform. With distinctive features it will mark its debut on the device. A gist of app and company would be shared among you in today’s blog post.


With distinctive features and high quality service, Amazon echo has already become a home name for everyone out there. The astonishing features to make your e-reading experience better than the best, Amazon echo has led the market among some big tech giants like Apple, Google. Customer satisfaction is the rewarding experience of this amazing device. There are many of you who might be unaware about the facts regarding this device. Well, Amazon echo is a (9.25cm) smart speaker in cylindrical shape which has led the market with its distinctive feature. It contains “Alexa” as the default responder, but you can change it with proper guidance from Amazon Echo Setup. If you want to fix your technical bugs, you can navigate yourself to www.amazon.com echosetup

HipChat app

hipchat logoAdding one more app in the feather, Amazon echo has laid its position amongst the fine competitors. The hipchat app is the new feature that has created a buzz among the Amazon echo user. The app is developed by Atlassion (a software company) which develops various products for managing content, software professionals and project coordinators. It is basically known for its best tracking issue application “JIRA” which provides functions like project management, issue and bug tracking. Heading on to the app, HipChat app is a web service which provides instant messaging and private/public chat. It also provides features like inline-image view, video calling, findable message history and storage on cloud basis. Some more distinct features are:-

  1. Unlimited chat with unlimited chat rooms : –  You can customize your rooms for clients, friends, projects, game lovers. Just keep the information, when you are done with a chat room. It facilitates a great experience for all the chat lovers who always want to get into any conversation.
  2. Tenacious : – There are many crash encounters you have witnessed when you switch devices. But, now with HipChat you can easily harmonize across web apps, desktop and mobile. This enables you to enjoy the everlasting experience in a substantial manner.
  3. Travel history : – How would you react when you get the kind of travelling service to your important private/public chats with no mean time? Well, the quit obvious answer would be “Great, Awesome”. This is what this app can boost up your desire to reach out your chats quit conveniently.
  4.  Modify in your way : – You can easily plan out the modifications you want in the app to fulfill your needs. It actually lets you to modify the alert feature when you miss out any important message through various means like voice message, e-mail, SMS, notifications and some in-app changes.  echo help
  5.  Explore fully : – It’s really easy to search/explore any conversation that you have discussed with the help of keywords. The app actually automatically saves the keywords used in conversations to make it easy for you to recognize the following conversation. So, hit the search button to grab your conversation easily.
  6. Drop and drag your sharing file : – There are many important files you want to be shared with everyone available in the chat room. Well, HitChat app automatically shows the preview of files to all present in the chat room, which act as a reminder for you. You can easily take files from email, desktop and drop box and share it.
  7. Share your screen space : – You can easily get connected with the app to your people as it also provides you the facility to share your screen with your colleagues to connect in the meantime. This help you to articulate rapidly and kick start your conversation.


Atlassion describes that the Amazon’s own digital assistant “Alexa” is designed to answer your query as you command. But, HipChat is designed on pre-set conditions on echo like “If atlassion site goes down, it will automatically send a message to HipChat which will shoot echo to alert the team. Right now the app supports iOS +, Android, Linux, Windows, Mac and web based apps.