kindle fire hdWhen you try to download the contents from your kindle fire tablet and you keep on getting the error, then this may be due to sync issue or the sync is not updated properly. If you are among the one, who is getting this issue with your Kindle tablet, then do read the contents of this blog post. These contents will definitely help you in fixing the sync problem. If you still find any problem, then you can call at Kindle support number.

The troubleshooting step will work on all the 3rd generation kindle fire tablets like Fire HD, Fire HDX, and Fire HDX 8.9.

Before Starting With The Steps, You Must Ensure Following Points On Your Device :

  1. Check whether the device is connected to the home Wi-Fi network or not : Before starting with the steps, your device must be connected to the Wi-Fi network. If the device is not connected then the sync function will not function and you can’t buy the contents from the Kindle book store. Moreover, you will not be able to connect to the www Kindle Com Support page.
  2. kindle supportWhile syncing the Kindle contents, you must enable the Whisper sync function : To check the status of your whisper sync function, you need to go to ‘Manage device and contents’ section followed by sync settings. Check whether the whisper sync is enabled or not. If not, then turn it on from here. If you find any problem in turning on the feature, then take kindle help from the Amazon Kindle support link.
  3. Sync your device now : You need to pull the quick settings flag from the top of the screen. Open ‘settings’ and click on ‘Sync now and check for update’. Your device will automatically start updating the contents to the server. Larger files may take some time to upload to your device.
  4. Check whether the payment method is verified or not : If the payment method is not confirmed, then you may get the problem in downloading and syncing the contents on your device. To check the payment method, click on ‘Manage contents’ followed by ‘settings’. Go to Kindle payment section and confirm the payment method here. If you find any problem, then go to Kindle Com Support link from the browser.

If You Are Still Getting The Sync Problem, Then Try The Below-Mentioned Steps :

  1. Use Manage devices and contents to deliver the contents to Kindle : First tap on the contents you want to deliver, then select it and choose ‘Deliver’ to send the contents.
  2. Check the support-ability of contents being delivered
  • kindle com support helpThere are some third party apps, which are not supported by the Kindle. You will find the complete information on the supported apps on kindle fire support help link.
  • Getting problem in switching to audiobook from Kindle book. Check the audio settings in whisper sync voice section. Check the list of audio supported contents from this section and see if the immersion reading option is available for the particular book or not.
  • Repurchase the contents : If you were not being able to purchase the contents earlier due to payment failure, then try repurchasing it from the store. You need to pay only for the contents now not for verification of account. If you are having any problem in purchasing the contents again, then go to Amazon Kindle customer service link from our help link.
  1. Restart your kindle fire: To restart the Kindle, press and hold the power button for 30 seconds until the device gets restarted. If the device restarts before 30 seconds, then you need not hold the power key anymore.