Here we are going to discuss the new updates and modifications that are being made in amazon fire TV stick 2016. The price of new Amazon Fire TV Stick even remained constant. Go to fire stick help link for recent news.


The amazon online retailer e-commerce company always want to remain on top in the list of its competitors in different dashboard. The amazon in its recent update has launched a new Fire stick in 2016. This was the time to showcase the public about their achievements. Amazon Fire TV Support all the HDMI TV with full HD display.

The Amazon fire TV is already a first choice by the customers for getting their Dumb TV converted to smart TV with this dongle. There are major 3 updates that have been done in the new Fire TV stick hardware. The three updates are: related to its processor, second one is related to Wi-Fi and last one is remote with built-in Alexa voice control. The all new updates are released by the company on fire TV support link too. But we are going to tell you in simple and more precise way.

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The new quad core processor is faster than the old dual core processor. It works two times faster than the latter one. The Wi-Fi compatibility with the router ensures the reliable as smooth streaming through internet at 802.11 Mac standard.  The new fire stick support the voice enabled in-built remote controller. With this there is no need to press the keys of the remote to play or pause the media, you just require to speak over the Alexa to do the particular job.

As per the company claims the next generation fire stick will perform 30% faster than the older version. You can access more than 3 lakhs movies and TV episodes with Alexa voice remote. The amazon fire stick is the only media player with the voice enabled remote. The booking for this stick is going to be start soon and the delivery in US is going to begin on October 20.

The shape and design of new stick is completely changed and incredible in the segment of streaming media players. The voice search option in remote allows you to access the contents over the internet more easily and quickly. You just need to connect kindle fire to TV in order to enjoy the fruitful experience. The sensitivity of Alexa is so high that you can speak from a distance easily.

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The cost of this stick remains same in US market I: e, $35 but it may increase in UK market after launch. The launch date is not confirmed in UK but it will certainly launch before the black Friday.

The recent upgrade places the fire stick in competition to Apple TV. Earlier the apple TV supports the remote function with voice search option now the fire Stick has counter attacked it with advance selection of apps and features for UK users. If the Fire TV Not Working then take quick help from the support center. The specifications and services going to be delivered by the Fire TV stick 2016 outflank the apple device due to its quarter cost than the Apple TV.

So the customers who are eligible and active their device by Connect Kindle To TV before 31st will get a free package of contents. It also includes sling TV, two months HULU subscription free and $10 credit to rent or purchase some stuffs from the Amazon videos.

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Marc Whitten, vice president at Amazon fire TV claimed that more than 1 billion people have reviewed this device and rated 4.2 in performance. This is a huge time of applause for a company after getting the most reviewed product in Amazon line of products. This is best product to buy if you are going to purchase the media streaming player for your Dumb TV.