Opening Any Shortcut On Amazon Fire TV Home Screen Is Quite Monotonous In Nature. Unleash The Shortcut Of Kodi With The Simple Process.

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How you guys are doing with your entertaining device? I know its bee a fascinating journey for all of you sitting out there. With the ability to render one of the best streaming experience, the device has already embarked its position in the market. With its promising services and features, the device has proved to be one of the leading streaming devices for all type of contents. With extensive Kindle Fire range, the device is adding many new users in its bag. For all the new users, the extended Kindle com support can be a big helper to counter any issue in the setup process. Despite having such kind of ranges, the fire tv seems quite monotonous, when we have to launch the apps. This is not hectic in nature, but when you have the shorter ways to launch the app, then why to go for the proper launching of any app. Having many features, the device has got some annoying restrictions, which sometimes act as the reason for getting into trouble. Well, you still have Kindle Help on your side to counter any issues coming on your way. But, the focusing point is that you can’t create any kind of icons on the home screen for side loaded apps. Therefore, the only way to open the kodi app is to go directly to the settings, followed up by other steps to complete the launch process. And that is actually a lot of tapping. To avoid this, we have come up with the simple process to create shortcut of kodi on the device-

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  1. Installation Of IKono TV App On Fire TV – The first thing which you need to do is to install the iKono Tv app on your fire tv. To install the app, all you need to do is to go to the amazon app store, finding the app and installing it. Do make sure that you have followed these steps to install the app, which includes going to the settings option, then click on applications, the tap manage all installed applications. Every time the iKono tv app is launched, the Llama app will automatically open the kodi app. You can’t create the shortcut of kodi app unless ikono tv app is not installed. Any barrier in the installation can be sort out with Kindle Fire Support with expert assistance.

2. Create The Kodi Shortcut – After the first step, if you still haven’t done with the installation, then download the adbFire app. After downloading, extract the file to a known folder. The extraction will lead you to start and configure the adbFireapp to set up the fire tv. These steps are for those users, who didn’t follow the earlier one. All you need to do is to start the adbFiretv app, then choose your fire tv from the “current device” list and link your fire tv. After the linking, ensure that the fire tv’s IP address is showing under the “connected devices”. Now you need to tap on the “Llama options” to open the separate window. You can get some extra detail with Amazon kindle support to get better information.

3. End Step- In This Step, Do The Following Things To Create The Shortcut Icon Of Kodi On Amazon Fire TVkodi fire tv

  • Install lama app is not installed, then install it by checking the box.
  • Select “Replace Program icon” to move further to the installing step.
  • Do ensure that kodi has chosen as the media center.
  • Select “link media center to program”. If you want kodi icon on the home screen and fire tv to start kodi instantly, then you can select “both” option too. If you still counter any minor issues with the installation, you can dial to kindle customer service to get quick solutions. Now, just simply click OK to complete the process. These steps are not a permanent solution, so don’t fully rely on these steps.