kindleWant to configure Google play store on your Kindle Fire 2015. If yes, then we have bought a quick guide for you. Read this guide carefully as we are going to put a light on the installation process for your Kindle Fire. All the entry level devices and fire HD8 and Fire HD10 are eligible for this setup. If you find any problem in understanding the things, then you can go to kindle link.

The process of installing a Play store in your Kindle Fire tablet is quite easy and simple. You need to spend few minutes for this setup. You will find a complete guide for the set up on www kindle com link as well.

In spite downloaded successfully, some people have reported the problem in downloading and installing the drivers for the system. Today, we have bought a solution for them as well. This will work on all the devices irrespective of older and newer models. If you find any problem at any step, then read the guide on Amazon Kindle Support link.

kindle supportYou might be thinking that this installation will go to root your Kindle Fire but this is not exactly going to happen. You need not worry about that because this process will only help you in installing the store successfully nothing else.  Moreover, if you are fed up with the online advertisements while browsing the books, then this is also going to end up. You don’t need to take kindle help from third party support.

The process includes downloading a Zip file followed by downloading the software to PC. You can then transfer the same files to the Kindle fire. Run a batch file and follow onscreen instructions available on the screen. We are heartily thankful to the developers, who have made it possible. If you find any problem in between, then you can take help from Kindle com support link.

Note : This installation works fine with Fire tablets that are running Fire OS 5.0.1. If your Kindle is having this version, then you don’t need to update it. You need to stay on this version only. Amazon has the right to stop the service at any point of time, so you are going to install the Play Store at your own risk. These types of installation may cause a problem with the functioning of other software’s installed in your Kindle. You can use this tool for Windows PC only, if you anything goes wrong, then you can call at Amazon Kindle Customer Service number available on the official website of Kindle.

Substitute Method

kindle helpIf you want to install the Google Play store on your Kindle without taking the help of your PC, then you can follow this substitute method.

  1. Download the Zip file and extract it on PC. The file can be downloaded from online software web page.
  2. Go to ‘Settings’ of your device and click on the serial number for more than 10 times and the developer option will then get displayed on the screen.  Enable ADB from the option.
  3. Connect the PC to the device and look for a Pop-up message that is being displayed on the screen. Install the drivers and open the extracted file. Open the .bat file of your play store.

If your device started malfunctioning, then go to Kindle Fire Support Help link. The executives at the help desk will help you in retaining the previous state of your Kindle. To get help over the call, you can directly call at Kindle support number.

This is all about the setup process for installing the Play store on your Kindle device.