Amazon Echo is one of the best digital assistant that helps you in doing many tasks. Another interesting thing that it can do is to replace the remote of your TV but with the little help. Read this article how you can replace the remote of your TV with this wonderful digital assistant.

amazon echoThe personal digital assistant by Amazon is Amazon Echo that helps you in controlling your smart home devices, preparing to-do lists or preparing your daily schedule and much more. and makes your life easier. And when we talk about TV, then one thing we must say that it will good for every TV that it should include a simple local network access function. But most of the TV still relies on that old-fashioned infrared to receive commands and perform. But it is not the good news for those people who are planning to convert their living room into a smart room. But there are many tools available that makes easier in dealing with this situation.

In the same way, you can use your Amazon Echo Setup to control your TV. In other words, to act as a remote for the TV. You can pair your Amazon Echo with Logitech Harmony Hub for creating a totally voice control television.

Here is the procedure of connecting Harmony Hub and Amazon Echo and if you want you can also take Amazon Echo Help :

amazon echosetup helpSince long time the Harmony line from Logitech has been the best option for universal remotes. But now the company has stopped giving the best in different products and now it has come up with a product which the better remote control for building a hub that controls a TV as well. The Harmony hub gives you the opportunity of controlling anything which is connected to your wi-fi network and anything that you can control with IR in a single app. You can also build the scripts inside the Harmony so that with a press of button you can turn on the TV, set the input of your choice, and can be activated on a schedule. This is a very impressive setup and it becomes more impressive when Amazon Echo is added to it.

Starting a conversation about smart living is quite easy and setting up a smart home is not that easy. You need to setup your Harmony Hub anywhere but your IR sensor must be right pointed towards your TV. It is not necessary to have it close but if you want your Harmony up with your entertainment center, then you can. After setting up and connecting it to your wi-fi network, you can add it to Alexa just like you add any other skill to it.

Follow these steps to add Harmony to Alexa or you can also take Amazon Echo Support :

  • Open your Alexa app.
  • Go to Home and then Skills option.
  • Now search for harmony.
  • Choose the icon in blue color that appears.
  • Now enable the option of Harmony Skill.
  • Now log into Harmony from your Alexa app.

amazon echo supportWhen Alexa and Harmony is connected, you can turn on and off your TV. Harmony is aware of the channels that are available with your provider so you can’t ask for the specific channel until your TV is directly connected to cable. If you use an HD cable box that connects with an HDMI, then you need to create actions in Harmony that you can do under smart TV settings. You can’t control volume as Harmony hasn’t set it as action button. For switching inputs, you also need to set actions in Harmony. This is a great way to control your TV replacing the boring remote of the TV. For more information, you can logon to www Amazon Com Echosetup.