Amazon Echo, Dot, and Tap speakers are loaded with many features and they are constantly improving, but they are not perfect. Here are some of the common issues with the smart speakers and solutions for fixing them.

amazon echosetup helpAmazon Echo Dot, Echo, and Tap speakers are quite impressive and save your hassle of going anywhere. You just need to use your voice for doing anything. But the things don’t always go as planned and Amazon hasn’t created a truly flawless product. Alexa has some of the issues.

Here we have come with some of the common issues with Alexa and solutions for resolving them :

Problems With Alexa

Here we are going to tell some of the common issues with Alexa that can be easily resolved either by rebooting the devices or doing by few simple adjustments.

Here are problems and their solution that you may or might have encountered or you can also take Amazon Echo Help :

Unable To Find Smart Home Devices

amazon echo helpIf you are trying to add any device to smart speakers firstly, make sure that the device is natively supported to the speakers. The list of natively supporting devices is increasing continuously like Echo bee 3, and companies like Honeywell, Insteon, Nest, Philips Hue and Wink. For adding any device, open Alexa app, navigate to Smart Home > Discover devices > Your devices. Alexa has an official IFTTT channel and integrates with Yonomi, both have the extensive list of supported devices.

If you have already added your device but Alexa is unable to find and connect with them, then there are possibly two solutions for it :

  • Check your command that you are using. The commands vary a lot between different devices, skills, and connected service like IFTTT. There might be slight difference in commands and that can throw Alexa for a loop.
  • There might be the issue of software as some smart devices can’t stay connected due to software issues or crowded networks. My Lifx bulbs go offline every few days rendering any commands issued to Alexa.
  • If you still having the issue, then try to reboot your device as well as remove the device and add it once more from the scratch.

Frequent Disconnects From Wireless Network

If Echo, Tap, and Dot isn’t staying connected to your network connection consistently, then amazon echo supportthere are few things that you can try to improve this.

Firstly, power cycle everything – Alexa, modem and router. After that try to stream the audio for few minutes to see if the issue arises again. If so, then try to move the speakers away from other devices and take it closer to the router. Try to switch the speaker to 5GHz channel for decreasing the interference.

Alexa Doesn’t Hear You Properly

Over time, you will see that Alexa speaker seem not to listen or hear you. You can resolve this issue by turning the speaker off and on again. If this doesn’t work, then try to move the speakers away from obstacles and at least 8 inches from wall. Keep your speakers away from the noisy appliances. Also, you can use Voice Training option which is under settings in Alexa app. Amazon Echo Support can be taken in case of any query.

Accidental Activation

amazon echosetup helpIf your speaker is near your TV or anything and it hears any word like the wake word, then this might activate your speakers. It is harmless, though nuisance also that Alexa starts giving unwanted responses over TV.

Then you can do the following :

  • Move the speakers away from your TV.
  • Press the mute switch at the top while watching TV.
  • Change the wake Alexa to Echo or Amazon.

For more information or in case of any difficulty you can take www Amazon Com Echosetup.