With the Fire TV, it’s pretty important to have a reliable VPN provider for better connections. Here is the list of best VPNs choices for Fire TV.

Fire TVAll Fire TV users, How are you doing with your digital media player? Being one of the key products of Amazon, the Fire TV has embarked itself as one of the main players in the category of digital media players in the market. With the lineup of quality features and services, the Fire TV has also become the key entertaining source for all the global users out there.

The classic Amazon’s device allows every TV to stream the content over a fine W-Fi network, which eventually turns out the set into a fine working smart TV. However, many contents are not available in particular country or region due to the content licensing agreements and the broadcasting rights. Well, the best way to beat the content blocking is the accessing of a VPN. And for having a fine performance, it’s very important to have a reliable VPN provider. This is the reason we are here with the best VPN choices for your Fire TV.

  1. IPVanish – The first one in the list is an all-around VPN. Check out all the things included in this VPN:
  • Fire TV HelpServer locations-60+, Number of devices supported- 5, Number of servers: 750+, and Server locations- 60+
  • Delivers an amazing performance.
  • It has got the large server coverage area
  • Little costly than other VPN choices
  • It does not offer any free trial

The IPVanish is quite quicker than all the other VPNs in the market. It also renders the commendable 15% download speeds to all the downloaders. The classic VPN doesn’t log any data connection or traffic at the time of using the service. Apart from not providing any free trail, the VPN does provide the three plans on offer with a special 7-day money back guarantee. The best option is the yearly package which sounds the cheapest in all the available packages. Check out the packages-

  • [$10.00 a month] 1-month
  • [$8.99 a month] 3 months – $26.99
  • [$6.49 a month] 1-year – $77.99
  1. VyprVPN – The VyprVPN is amazingly fast and renders the top download speeds, which is absolutely a treat for all the 4K users out there. Check out the following points regarding the service :
  • Amazon Fire TV HelpIP addresses: 200,000+, Number of servers: 700+, Number of devices supported: 3-5, and Server Locations: 70+
  • It renders the super fast speed for all the download lovers
  • Offers the three-day free trial.
  • Apart from this, the monthly billing is quite costly, and
  • There is not any refund
  • The service can be tested with a 3-day free trial.

 Check out the different packages offered by the service –

  • Basic: $9.95 monthly or $5.00 per month billed annually
  • Premium: $12.95 monthly or $6.67 per month billed annually
  1. ExpressVPN – The ExpressVPN offers the classic “no hassle” money back guarantee which permits all the users to try out the full service for one month, without any bandwidth restriction. Check out the following points regarding the service:
  • Number of devices supported- 3, Number of servers- 1500, IP addresses- Not available, and Server locations- 145
  • It is little costly
  • Renders the large range of locations and servers
  • Doesn’t renders any free trail

 Check out the different packages offered by the service –

  •   [$12.95 a month] 1-month
  •   [$9.99 a month] 6-months – $59.95
  •   [$6.66 a month] 15-months [3 free months] – $99.95
  1. NordVPN – The classic VPN service offers the free trial, but you will not get the offer unless you go dip into the website.  Check out the following points regarding the service:
  • Fire TV HelpNumber of devices supported- 6, Sever locations- 59, IP addresses- Not available, Number of servers- 1046
  • It also offers the above-average speeds
  • The monthly plan of the service is costly.
  • Renders the hidden free trial

Check out the different packages offered by the service –

  • [$11.95 a month] 1-month
  • [$7.00 a month] 6-months – $42.00
  • [$5.75 a month] 1-year – $69.00
  • [$3.29 a month] 2-years – $79.00

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