Amazon fire tv is now available with CBS news app. A dynamic original news streaming service is waiting for you!

fire tvThe ability to provide one of the best streaming experience to its potential users is what Amazon fire tv is doing in the smart tv market. With qualitative services and amazing features, fire tv has emerged as the home tv for its customers, all over the world. Besides the services, sometimes quality gets hindered by some technical and other software issues, which can be sort out by paying a visit  to Kindle fire support to gather key solutions to resolve all the issues. And if you want any kind of further assistance regarding fire tv, then you can also tap Kindle com support to remove the problems in an efficient way. Well, we are aware that your life has become way smarter to handle with the smart streaming service, which is now going to be smarter with the top notch news channel in its account. Yes, CBS news, the prime news channel has launched a new redesigned app for Amazon fire tv. The digital news streaming service is going to change the streaming experience with some astonishing features.

The promising news channel was ready to launch its news app for the Fire TV and android tv to engage the audience in a better way. fire tv support The company’s caliber in this competitive market has made CBS news to redesign the news app with the key feature of “360 degree video playback”. Well, this step seem to be the crucial one from the side of both ends. Even Christy Tanner (General Manager and news digital vice-president) of CBS News channel confirms that “The news apps featuring 360 degree video playback capabilities for Fire tv and Android tv is a crucial step for all the viewers, as how they will treat the news in future”. Its quit early for the TVs, to get 360 degree video playback quality. As, how the technology will adopt and enhance the feature and how the viewers will treat it.

The 360 degree video playback is the prime feature which will show you “behind-the-scenes footage of 60 minutes episode”. Well the 60 minutes footage is the filming of all behind the scenes work going at the time of show. fire tv With this feature, you can easily access the content you want to see. Interacting on the desktop with 360 degree videos, viewers try to explore the scene. But, now viewers will be able to navigate through the videos with their remote control. Besides these facility, the feature will also offer other features for editorially organized videos, related videos and favorite videos of personnel choice. The launch comes at the time, when it was the U.S presidential election night, which resulted into an 11.1 million viewers and 19.1 million stream users. These records were less than the first presidential debate night, which resulted into 1.5 million viewers and 2.98 million streams.

Even, New York Times also started its own initiative to blend 360 news report in its report in a better way as an addition to its NY Video recording app. Euro news is also in the list to adopt the 360 degree technology, and has shot many videos across 13 countries. Now, with this technology, it’s seem like a gamble, which could be a hit amongst the youth and news centric people in future.