This Father’s day bring your old Kindle and get $20 off on purchase of a brand new Kindle. Gift something new and unique to your Father with a very affordable price. Say bye to your old Kindle and experience the new love of reading with new Kindle features.

kindle comHere’s good news for all those who wanted to buy a new Kindle or the people who wish if they could have something new on Kindle. Now you can get the latest new Kindle at $20 less than its original market price. New Kindle has features that look like a fusion of the Kindle Voyage and Kindle Paperwhite. Moreover, it’s waterproof too. So now no need to spend a lot of money on buying Kindle Voyage just by the New Kindle that has all its features at a very cheaper rate as compared to it.

This $20 off is only applicable to the Kindle devices that are not older than the year 2010. There is a $10 off on any of the Amazon purchase if you deposit your older Kindle devices like those are having a keyboard of the Third Generation Kindle and $20 off if you buy the New Kindle. This $10 off is applicable only if the Kindle is working correctly and there is no breakage mark on the screen. So just bring any old working Kindle and get the new one at a certain discounted price. For more older models of the Kindle, there is an off available, but it may be less depending on the model of Kindle and its working condition at that time.

kindle helpThe market price of New Kindle is $79.99, but the Father’s day special deals are giving you a chance to get the new one at a good discounted price. These discount offers are available for an undefined period i.e. it may last for an extended period or may end tomorrow. There is no pre-decided time for this offer to end. It’s better to grab the opportunity as early as possible. There is an off available for $90 on the purchase of some Kindles and different bundles of Kindle.

Even if you don’t have an old Kindle for exchange to avail off then also here are amazing discounts on Kindle.Here is a list of various discounts on specific Kindle devices. If you are interested in availing this off, then go through the following list and decide that which discount suits you the best.

Kindle model

Discount available







Kids bundle Kindle


Paperwhite Essentials Bundle


Kindle Essentials Bundle


Voyage Essential Bundle


Paperwhite Travel Bundle


Voyage Travel Bundle


Oasis Travel Bundle


So, if you have not gifted something to your Father, then it’s not too late just go with this opportunity to gift your Father a Kindle that fits your budget.

kindle com supportIt is the right time to update the old Kindle without paying a lot for it else we know how much it cost’s to purchase a new Kindle. So just go ahead and enjoy this off. Visit www Kindle Com Support, if you’re looking for the precise technical help.

Although if you don’t want to buy a new Kindle and are looking for a solution to repair your old Kindle, then you need to visit Kindle Help page to find a solution for the problem related to software glitches. Follow the help steps present there. In case it does not resolve the issue, then it might be a problem within the hardware of your Kindle. So take it to the nearest Kindle service center for repair.