We all are familiar with Amazon Echo, and if you want some good news then we would like to tell that new speaker by Japan going to hit the markets in coming winter of this year. The speakers hold the attractive names, Brow the bear and Sally the chick.

www amazon com echosetupAs we know Western tech giants putting their efforts on the manufacturing on those gadgets which can communicate with users and we can see the name of Japan in the same race. According to the Japan’s announcement, the company will launch the new smart speaker who is going to be blessed with a digital assistant and today the Tokyo’s annual conference people came to know about the fresh info regarding that new speakers.

If we talk about the working style of smart speakers, then it almost works like Google Home and Amazon Echo. Simply you can listen to your favorite soundtracks; you can even set the alarms and all. Well, these speakers hold the fascinating mascots, Sally the Chick and Brown the bear, sounds cool. If you want to enjoy the perfromance of ‘Brown’ and ‘Sally,’ then you need to wait till winter of 2017. So, stay tuned for these amazing and attractive speakers.

Amazon EchoThis autumn the dwellers of Japan will able to enjoy the functionality of Wave, the flagship speaker of the organization. People can purchase this speaker by spending ¥15,000 means $136. Just like Amazon Echo and Google Home, the Wave also grasps the digital assistant named Clova. The voice of Wave will help you out in gaining the information from the internet plus you can also manage your schedule and ‘to-do’ lists.

To encouraging adoption of its service of the sound streaming, the HomePod of Apple is using the smart speakers. Well, after reading this person are eagerly waiting for the Sally and Brow. Let’s see how rapidly these speakers can make the space in the heart of people and home.

Amazon Echo HelpWith the speakers and digital assistant’s release, Line wants to bring the popularity of this area across Asia as well. Now, what makes the voice of Wave different that Clove can talk to you in two different languages, Korean and Japanese. In the handful of nations, the messaging app of the company lead on plus it can able to do several activities such as reading news for you and the good thing is that if you’re looking for the job, then Clova will help you in getting a good job.

Line CEO Takeshi Idezawa shared his words, “There is a shift toward post-smartphone, post-touch technologies,” he also did the addition, “these connected devices will permeate even deeper into our daily lives and therefore must even closer match the local needs, languages, and cultures.”

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