Amazon Echo is no available at its lowest price ever from its launch over one year. You can now purchase a new Amazon Echo dot by just paying around £49.99. It might cost even less than this estimated price depending upon the different sites.

Amazon Echo SupportAmazon Echo Dot is a device that works on the principal of Alexa application and is used for managing home appliances, making and receiving calls, to get information about traffic routes, listen to text messages, send messages, etc. Amazon Echo has always been available at a very cost effective price since its release, whereas other Echo devices cost much higher than the Amazon Echo Dot for e.g. full Blown Echo device costs around £150, Apple HomePod costs £300, etc. Amazon Echo Dot works on the same working principle of Full-Blown Echo device that requires almost £100 more than the Amazon Echo Dot’s price. The only difference between these devices is that Full-Blown Amazon Echo has the speakers fully around its body i.e. there are speakers all around the 360 degrees of its body, whereas the Amazon Eco Dot has speakers above the surface of its body. But in spite of this difference, you can perform all those tasks that an Amazon Full-Blown Echo supports.

It’s also easy to use you just need to pair the device with the help of Alexa application. You can also physically connect your devices to it with the 3.5mm audio wire. This cable doesn’t come with the Echo Dot, so you need to purchase it from the market. One you have done the Amazon Echo Setup then you can enjoy using it for e.g. playing music from any of your favorite online channels like Netflix, Showtime, Hulu, etc.

Echo dot allows you to manage your home devices as you can switch On/Off the Lights, sprinklers, fans, etc. You can use it as assistant to open or close doors, book movie tickets, train tickets, reserve a cab, etc.

Amazon Echo HelpEcho Dot is capable enough to hear you voice commands even you are in another room or quite far from the device. It interprets the commands correctly even when you are in a boisterous environment for e.g. if loud music is playing around you. The inbuilt speaker in it allows you to set the alarm.

Thus all these features and the best cost effective price attracts the huge customer base towards it. Moreover, now it’s available at a much lower price around £49.99. Also if you buy this from the Amazon website, then it will cost you £39.99. It will cost £45 if you purchase it from eBay and will cost £49 from Tesco direct.

So place your order after reviewing its price on different sites and just keep watching the news for more updates related to it. Also free to contact Amazon Echo Support team in case of any problem related to Amazon devices.