www amazon com echosetupAmazon Echo is a product of one of the best online retail company named Amazon. This device works on voice recognition technology. Inside it, there is a virtual person named Alexa, who reply to your all queries and commands. You just need to do Amazon Echo Setup once. After that, you can talk to Alexa freely. You can ask any question from Alexa and it keeps on replying as per the information available with it.

Apart from it, this device is cylindrical in shape with built-in speakers and microphone. With the help of this microphone, Alexa hears your voice. Moreover, it consists of Array of 7 mics for proper sound recognition and reception. The hearing capacity of Amazon Echo device is far greater than any other voice commanded device. This device works over the internet so, the strong network connection is required for an immediate response from Alexa.

amazon echo helpTo initialize the setup, you need to connect your Amazon Echo to the internet via Wi-Fi network. There is a need of smartphone or device with the Echo because all the data and replies are only made through this connected device. It must be remembered that you have connected your Amazon Echo and smart device on the same network, otherwise, it won’t be able to communicate with you. For any information or help related to the setup, you can visit www Amazon com echosetup link. Right after this, download the Amazon Echo app in your smartphone from the play store or from official Amazon Echo support page.

Now coming to the main topic i: e problem in connecting the external speakers through Bluetooth connectivity. If you are unable to connect the speakers to the Echo device through Bluetooth connection, then read the contents carefully now. You can enjoy your favorite movies sound and music on the Home Theater connected to your Echo. If you are getting the problem in connecting the Bluetooth speakers, then this guide will be helpful for you. You need to read this Amazon Echo Help guide carefully and patiently.

amazon echo supportIf you are among the one who is facing the problem, then read the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps discussed in this blog post. These troubleshooting steps are common for all the other devices like Echo tap and dot as well. No separate steps are required to troubleshoot the same problem in these devices.

If you are not connected to the Bluetooth speakers, then you won’t be able to enjoy the best beats at home on your home theater and moreover, you can’t listen to the response of Alexa clearly from a far distance.

The Possible Reasons For This Problem Along With The Solution Are :

  1. The device is at a far distance: If the distance between the device and the Echo exceeds 30 feet, then the Amazon Echo will not connect to the speakers. In such cases, bring both the devices close to each other and try connecting it again. You can take Support for Amazon echo from the third party support service providers as well but they may charge fees from you in this regard.
  2. Bluetooth is still not ON: Sometimes you forgot to turn on the Bluetooth connection on your device due to which your device doesn’t get connected to the other device. So, before starting pairing, Bluetooth connection of both the devices must be turned on.
  3. Faulty Bluetooth circuit: Occasionally, there are chances that the Bluetooth circuitry of your Amazon echo device gets corrupted or broken. In such case, go to a nearby service store and replace the faulty motherboard with the new one.

These 3 possible causes may result in this problem. So, it is thereby recommended to follow the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps in order to prevent the problem.