Amazon is now heading to be the best friend for all the kids out there. Amazon “rapids” is that new interaction for the kids out there. How much it will affect the mindset of kids and the features of the app would be the key factor to analyze its effectiveness.

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The key to being the name of every household is not as easy as we assume. Technology is now dealing with better innovations every day, to provide you the desired comfort to make complex things simpler in nature. This is the kind of motto which Amazon is carrying out day by day. Amazon has now come up with something special inside their box, which you can’t ignore to give it a try. The new Amazon “RAPIDS” app, is the new language for kids to be amazed in a conversational style. The app let your children to get engaged in a story line format of the app to give your children the vibe of reading a story. The app is trying to introduce its subscription-based app to communicate with the community, particularly the younger ones. Despite of all this, you have been witnessing Amazon kindle, Kindle oasis, Kindle paper white and Kindle fire as the prime source to make your home and life smart enough to handle every kind of challenging tasks. With the usage of these devices, you might have dealing with some technical or setup issues which can be resolved by just one tap over Amazon kindle support to clear all possible issues effectively.

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Amazon’s Rapids is one kind of story teller for all the kids who falls in 7 to 12 year age group. The twist in this kid friendly app is that all the stories inside the app will be treated in form of texts with the help of different characters. The dialogues in text formats would connect kids to interact with the story by just clicking on the next chat bubble in the sequence of story. This format of telling a story is interactive in terms of dealing with the mindset of kids in their way. The story would be like “Two birds debating about who will make her house at that particular branch of tree”. The birds here would act as characters, which will draw your kids’ attention in its own way. You can easily get the monthly subscription by releasing $2.99, which is quite an affordable cost for many of you. The company wants to cherish the digitalize behavior of younger consumers to teach them that Amazon is more than just delivering packed boxes to their doorsteps.

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The app is already being added to the extension list of products and services of the mammoth retailer site targeted at education and kids. The app allows kids to select hundreds of stories in sports, fantasy, mystery, humor, adventure and science fiction stories on the platform. The app also features a quality to make your child listen to you be sending a hard word, which will enables you to reach your children on time. The “Read-time mode” mode of the app uses “text-to-speech” feature of tablets or phones to read out any story. The Rapids app is available for Amazon Fire devices, Android and iOS. Many kids authors write stories and each one is approved by amazon. In this way, many stories are added every month to provide you better collections.

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With this app, it would be great to make your children be digital in nature with their reading habits, but there would be some slow consequences like getting “use to” the gadget, adverse effect over studies and academics etc. We hope that you are already having great company with your e-reading partner, still finds any sort of tech issues, you can navigate to Kindle Support to troubleshoot your issues and enjoy the service.